March 26, 2010


I am super excited about this. I happen to have the most adorable little nephew. He is my favorite living thing. He will be in a three piece seersucker suit (yes, j crew makes them). These pictures reminded me of him... heaven.

I know many couples and families decide not to have children at their wedding, and I agree with the justifications- for example, He and I are getting married on a cliff. It is about 180* of cliff. It is not a playground. Parents will be responsible for watching their little nuggets. HOWEVER- kids (at least the ones in my family) are simply better looking than we are. I NEED pictures like these. They will take the places on our walls of the pictures where my face looks jacked because our photogs shot me from the wrong angle. And it will make me look less vain. Our house right now is covered in pictures of us... my friend, VanNuysHousewife, says that if i could wallpaper our house with pictures of us I would. She knows me pretty well.
But this little boy is heaven and the thought of my little man walking down the aisle in a getup like this makes me a very happy soon to be married woman.
*side note- another thing that makes me a very happy soon to be married woman: This morning, my man comes into the bedroom with his towel on from his shower. I am still in bed as I do not work Fridays. He sits on the bed and sighs and says "I don't want you to take this the wrong way...but... I think I am going to do my own laundry from now on." I'm like, seriously? He says: "yes, I seem to always have to iron my own t-shirts and..." I'm thinking, good logic buddy- you don't like doing the final step in the process, so you figure the next best move is to take over the whole assembly line. I replied: "OK honey, if that's what you want to do..." HAHAHHAAHAH such a silly man. One less chore for momma! Yahoo!

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