October 6, 2010

Week 2- Living Room

Here is the progress on the living room... we moved the bathroom back 8 feet to open up the room. the framing is up and i am supa dupa pleased...
pic being taken from the same doorway!

October 5, 2010

My new porn

my friend allie said that wedding magazines were like porn for girls. actually, i think maybe her bf said it, but either way- true statement.

only i am not planning a wedding anymore. i toyed with the idea of being a wedding planner the month or so surrounding my wedding. but to be honest, this bitch is over it. i havent scoured a wedding blog since the wedding. it just doesnt get me going.

what DOES get me going is our home remodel. and kitchens. and bathrooms. and couches. woooooweeeeee! its getting hot up in hurrrrre.

our house is currently brick red, it has red bricks too, and white. we are toying with colors for the shutters and posts. we are close enough to the beach that we thought we could play with the color a bit:

i am inspired by this mint green beauty:
and this simple bathroom makes me feel happy and ready to start another day:but i think this one is more do-able... :this kitchen we shall call "pipe dream":
all images via my post wedding porn

Week One- the pros come in

Well, the contractors started yesterday. It is funny to see what a crew can accomplish in one day. It is also funny to see what they leave behind- like support beams and gas lines.

Note to husband and Ben: taking out a wall does not necessarily mean to just bash the entire wall down. sometimes you leave a support beam or two for safety. Or- sometimes you become excited boys with axes and you have a hay day and then the ceiling starts to sag...

Anywho- before and afters of what the professionals did yesterday!
BEFORE- looking from the "sun room" to the bedroom:
AFTER- looking from the sun room in to the new- larger master bedroom. poop- i thought i took way more pictures. i will today. today Alfonso's crew is putting in beams. to support all of the walls we are removing. i think they will look great once they are stained. very contemporary rustic- hopefully.

October 4, 2010

Everything is going to be OK

i am going to make bracelets like this for everyone i love. found here.

October 3, 2010

"I think a lot of the problems we’ve been experiencing come from the fact that no one embraces the miracle and amazement of the present. So many people—steampunks, fundamentalists, hippies, neocons, anti-immigration advocates—feel like there was a better time to live in. They think the present is degraded, faded, and drab. That our world has lost some sort of “spark” or “basic value system” that, if you so much as skim history, you’ll find was never there. Even during the time of the Greeks, there were masses of people lamenting the passing of some sort of “golden age.” But I’d never go back and live in any other time than teetering on tomorrow; this is the greatest time to be alive."

Patton Oswalt, in GQ