September 10, 2012

the past few MONTHS

well... riley sure does take up most of my days (not complaining).

i guess a quick recap on the last few months:

- we are selling our house. i am so proud of the little photoshoot it had last week. one day we can show riley where she was made (ha) and spent the first 8+ months of her little life. and she has her own little website? sweet!

- we are in escrow (loooooose term, i know) on what could be (fingers crossed) our dream house. well, maybe not dream... it isnt on the beach and it isnt in big sur... but it could be a place that our little family could be for a very long time. and very happily. and another project is always fun! i spend my nights on my ipad scouring pinterest for ideas. too too fun for someone like me.

- we went to big sur for our TWO YEAR (whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaat?) anniversary. dont ask me how we have been married for two years. some days it seems like a blink of an eye. and then others it seems a tad bit longer :) we camped, which is really fun with a crawling riley. but it was great- full sized air mattress and 47* weather forced lots of cuddles, 80* days made lounging in the river with a cold beer the only place id wanna be, anniversary dinner at nepenthe, walk through andrew molera, and a quick night out at "the dog". we have so many good memories in big sur and it was fun to bring little riley and think of all of the future trips we will have with her. we decided it would be a trip we will take every year.

- i am still not back at work. and i think it will be a long time before i go back. and i am ok with this decision and i am proud of myself for committing to being home with riles. and repeat. and repeat.

- scotty: bought the company as of january 1 2012. he has been killin it and working so hard and really taking the little family owned company to the next level. i am so proud of him and what he has single handedly accomplished so far this year. he's only 31 years old ya'll.

- i just spent about 4 minutes staring at the wall trying to update something relating to myself that isnt also riley related... and i got nothing. i read a really great article in the huffington post about the first years of motherhood and trying to relate with your old friends... and when you are finally able to schedule time to catch up- you just want to hear about them because when the conversation turns to you- all you have updates on are your childs bowel movements, or that they are making a new face, or that they nursed 13 times when you were camping... but that is sooooo fucking boring. so anyways, i am struggling with that. so i got a babysitter (i love her, and she loooooves riley) for six whopping hours a week and instead of using that time to go to target or nordstroms, i am reading in the park. so if you want to talk to me about "freedom" by jonathan franzen- come over any time. other than that... im just going to listen to you talk about you :)

- i waste a lot of my day worrying about what kind of mother i am, what kind of wife i am, daughter, friend, sister, etc. and i think it really prevents me from being as good as i could be. so my new motto thanks to florence and the machine is: its hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake it out. (yes, i am a 13 year old quoting a rock band).

im working on letting my head stop making me worry about things out of my control so i can live in the present. because the present is a pretty wonderful place.

now onto what is really going on in my life:

- riley sage: 8 months old. still not sleeping through the night, but thats ok. still in bed with us. sitting up since 4.5 months. legitimately crawling since 7 months. she is hilarious, and saturday and sunday mornings scotty and i can stay in bed laughing with her for hours (these are the top moments of my life thus far). obsessed with: flip flops (in her mouth), going through the garbage, huntley's eyes, pulling herself up to bang on ANYTHING in sight, electrical outlets, and any type of chord. and mum mums. sleep crawls in the middle of the night- always ending in head butting either scotty or i. loves being outside... we spend a lot of time at the pool and park. has tan lines in her fat rolls. is a little performer, always wants the attention on her. gabbing and singing non stop- she sings herself to sleep. is currently napping in her crib- first time ever. hates clothes. prefers boob over anything, but will take a sippy cup with breast milk. dances to hall and oates (truth). is the absolutely positively best thing i have ever done in my entire 29 years of existence.

im so fucking bored. but also so happy.