August 4, 2010

It may be 23 days until the wedding

but there are 35 days until our honeymoon!!!!

Yes, please. These delicious images make me want to escape with my lover this very second. sexy.

All images from here, aka heaven.

Inspirations, Ideas... things i dont want to forget...

It is 23 days until our wedding. Yikes.

I still have lots of fun ideas that I dont want to forget.

I want to make a couple of banners. One that says "We're better together", one that says "Just Married", one that says "Mr" and one that says "Mrs" for our chairs, and one that says "Love is so sweet". Dont forget!

I want my hair to be this color: found using GOOGLE.

I also need a sign that says "Elysia + Scott= heart" for the outside of the gate at Point 16. Found here.