March 22, 2010

Fresh Beats

My man is a very good man, and he is pretty darn involved in the planning process, but there is only one thing he was put 100% in charge of- the band! I will admit, we have fought over this one thing. More than once. We have driven to industrial parks in South San Fran to go see a band that he has contacted only to find that we didn’t quite “fit in” at the venue. We have driven up to Monterey when I was just coming out of my second bout (yes, SECOND) of swine flu- to go to some hotel to hear a band that he immediately did not like and wanted to leave. He has searched tirelessly on the internet, probably even read a blog or two, and complained about it to me weekly since we found out we were going to have a Big Sur wedding. Alas, my man has decided on a band- or maybe just the jazz trio, or maybe just the DJ- but nevertheless, he has “booked” the “band” that will either be performing or DJing at our wedding. We are both music people- not that that makes us original- but it is very important to us to have FREAKING AWESOME entertainment at our wedding. We both like to get down- as do our friends and family. We cant decide between having a good band that can sing certain songs really well, or having a DJ that can push play really well. Not everyone can pull off Van Morrison, Paolo Nutini and Gnarls Barlkey- right? I am pulling for a jazz trio during the ceremony and cocktail hour, and then a DJ to get the party started… but as I stated- this one is up to my man. I’m sure he will make the right decision.

I don’t care if we end up with a boom box- I want THIS at my wedding.

And lucky for us- this gorgeous bride is my bestie and bridesmaid and her hubby is coming too! Must put "purchase cowbells" on my to-do list. Party on.

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