February 16, 2012

bad blogger.

how is it that i havent had a spare moment to update the blog? probably bc i use my free time to shower, or tweeze my eyebrows, or fold clothes, or read other peoples blogs...

riley turned 6 weeks old yesterday. at her 5 week check up- she gained OVER 2x the amount that a normal baby would gain. i guess that makes sense considering she nurses every 45 minutes. she is plump, and healthy and DELICIOUS, and over 10.5 lbs!

she sleeps on my pillow, facing me. i feel her breathe all night... it brings me comfort and happiness that i cannot describe. i live for it.

she looks just like scotty. big ol blue eyes and all... lucky girl.

i feel back to normal again. we leave the house every day. this is huge for me.

my lower half got the feared "go ahead" yesterday. i can get up and down and feel zero pain. i can also exercise now. it has been a very long time since i did that. i have 8 lbs until i get to my "pre-baby" weight, but 18 to go until i reach my "pre- marriage" weight. whoops. so lots of work to do.

i am happy again, too. riley has always made me happy... but i had some ups and downs the last few weeks that i think scared scotty a little. but all is well on the bentley court front... except for the fact that i am SO BORED. i miss work a lot. i miss just talking to people about anything.

here is our little nugget. love her.

my genius idea to go on walks every night to lose the weight with scotty and riley has gotten derailed by the whole foods gelato three blocks away.
this is one of my favorites. what a sweety.
when nothing else will do- she lays on scotts forearm and sucks his fingers. whatever works.

this is the most threatening face in the world. this is what scott and i fear all day and all night. this face means i am about to flippin lose it. but its still so cute, no?

and riley knows how sexy i think my OB is so she purposely made crossed eyes in this pic. so that i never frame it. to protect scott. haha. also- still cute.

i am simply not the best cook. and to be honest... i dont really enjoy cooking all that much. anyways- i decided i am going to be one of those mommas who makes the same shit every week.

so then when riley asks her friend if they want to stay for dinner (i am thinking long term here), and they say, whats your mom making, riley can be like, "its monday- so spaghetti and then she will be drinking wine watching the bachelor".

sunday- some sort of filling salad... figuring we will have usually gone out for brunch ill keep it light. salmon caesar, chinese chicken, you get the point.
monday- spaghetti of some sort
tuesday- taco tuesday, duh
wednesday- fish of some sort (here is yesterdays tilapia with mango salsa and quinoa)
thursday- ronda's chicken. my mother in law has a fool proof chicken recipe. its heaven.
friday- order in.
saturday- husband will be taking me out. wine and dine me. or else i will lose it.

and- i think the cork board i bought for our kitchen is big enough. do you?

yes, this is what my life has amounted to. i need to go back to work.