August 22, 2010

Pretty Littles

i dont know what i am going to do when this wedding is over... is it going to be weird when i am still saving images like these to my screen saver??? hmmm... good thing my future doesnt read this. or anyone else for that matter. :)

so gorgeous... images found on style me pretty and once wed.

Projects and Love

we are getting hitched in 6 days. i am sort of relaxed and sort of not. i love scott more than i ever have in my life and i have literally been amazed with him hourly. he is a great, great man. i feel very lucky and proud.
here is what he has been doing all morning, he is very serious and intense and actually, a great brander. our home smells of cedar and it is heaven...

on the to do list at this point- tables, table seating cards, music, booz, my groom needs socks and shoelaces, and i need to buy seeds and...
also, i have been watching too much rachel zoe project and i find myself talking like her. not good.