May 13, 2010


There is too much to do. I am officially overwhelmed. I have my *first* bridal shower this weekend, so I have to be “on” and it is all hitting me. Maybe it is because we only have 107 days (!!!!AHHHHHH!!!) to go. Fuck.
Here is my list:

1. Vows- we have to start thinking of this a tad bit more… this one is going to be impossible.
2. Order or make custom party flags for the dessert area ( I have contacted a few artists but I think I will end up just doing it myself). Sayings that I want the flags to say... i dont officially have any yet... return to this.
3. Find a custom made iron branding tool (as well as the tool that heats it) so that I can brand each of the wood chargers that will be at each place setting. I have designed the “logo” to be either this redwood tree, and then the date or two poppies and the date. Below. I have asked my future husband to help with this- and he has yet to follow up with me… hmmm…

4. Come up with a recipe for something our guest can make (that we both think is delicious) on the cedar chargers that will be branded. I am thinking a delicious salmon somethingorother and a baked brie type of app. (side note- my mother mentioned to maybe have the recipe card double as the place card. Cute number on the front, and cute recipe on back. I like. That’s why its on the list!).
5. Find linens to go over the plane jane white linens we are ordering… maybe something opaque and in an earth tone? I would like to have a few different so that not every table looks the same… my mother says it is too busy, but I don’t care about her opinions on this one.
6. Invitations! They need to go out by July 15th. I have been working with a friend to design them and they invites we “created” got nixed by the future mother in law. She had one word in response to them: NO. so, redo. And then we need to find paper (linen or seed paper- how cute would seed paper be if it had California poppy seeds in it?), a printer, envelopes, stamps. This is so stupid and trivial yet I am going to spend hours on this nonsense.
7. Cake- we are meeting with the Patisserie next month to lock that shit down.
8. Grooms cake- ???
9. programs- and then I guess they have to match the invitation “suite” so I guess we need to get that worked out first. I want to include a few lines about everyone in the wedding party. My parents, his parents, our grandparesnts, the bridal party, little anecdotes or intros so that the people who have not met them know a little something about them.
10. Groomsmen- I am thinking khaki pants, white collared shirt with sleeved rolled to the elbows, madras ties (I am thinking I am going to need to order them for the boys- they cannot be trusted), boat shoes (if I am not going to make them buy a suit, can I make them but boat shoes?) or brown shoes, cute colorful printed socks. Cute cute cute!
11. Groomsmen gifts- this is a tuffy. The boys are going camping/ white water rafting for the bachelor party- so maybe a cool Swiss army knife? Or canteen? Flask has been done. hmmm…
12. My maids- what in the world am I going to do here?? Clutches? Cool hair pieces? I want them to be the coolest presents ever. Oy!
13. Hair and Makeup- I think I am going to be on my own for hair. I will probably have to drive up to Carmel or Monterey and find a Clinique counter somewhere and have them make us look smokin hot. My maids are babes, though, so I aint worried man.
14. The band! We need to nail down the music we want. We have the band booked. But that is it. Lots to do. Lots to do.
15. Get the lounge furniture ordered
16. Get the rehearsal dinner rentals ordered.
17. get the preliminary budget for the flowers
18. get the menu locked down for the wedding
19. get the room for the rabbi and his wife
20. order the ketubah
21. Get the booz order for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. breathe… I think that is all for now.
22. Wedding gift for my man. WTF!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? I cannot even begin to start thinking of this impossible task... nope. Not today. Howevere, here is what I want from him. His gift to me for being the nicest wife who worked so hard to plan the nicest wedding that will represent our amazing future. Art Room please, Mr. Lippy. Thanks.

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