August 25, 2011

baby girls room.

i am having such a hard time finding nursery inspiration... so here are some snippets of things i have found and saved on my desktop. i am new to photoshop. pardon me.

August 24, 2011


i would imagine it was either a woman or a resort that invented the babymoon. maybe it is silly. maybe it isnt. i dont care. when my husband asked me "where do you want to go on our babymoon?" i got very excited.

we will be spending 4 days in sedona, arizona. one hour flight, and then a long weekend at l'auberge de sedona ... lots of walks along the red rock, cabin on the river, relaxation... yes, please! thanks husband. this will be fun!


i wont do this weekly... but i am five months of prego now. how did this go by so fast?