December 7, 2010

New Years Eve

I cannot believe this year is almost over. It is sad and exciting. So much has happened this year...

Grayson turned two and became even more loveable and kind.
My friends Allie, Nicole, Kristen, Deanna, Megan AND Lianna got engaged (!!!).
I quit my job. Not the best thing to happen this year.
We got married. And we pulled off the weekend fucking flawlessly if you ask me.
We went to Greece. Best. Time. Ever.
We bought a little house.
We found and adopted a little puppy.
Annie is prego!

I am sure there were a million exciting things in between but those are some highlights. It has been a very very great year and I really do feel like the luckiest girl around.

This year the hubby and I will be hosting a New Years Eve party in our little shack. I think I miss my wedding a little because I am going bonkers with my theme: Black and Gold. Bitches.


November 18, 2010

i have so much to complain about. nawt.

Man o man. I have never been the best balancing act... but this house, my unemployment (the juggling part would be the job search), the puppy, attempting to nurture my relationship with my husband, still be a good daughter, sister (LOTS of work) and friend... is a lot. I am the queen of loathing people with problems like mine who complain about them:

"...between my therapist, life coach, psychologist, nanny, housekeeper, tanning salon and play dates I can hardly keep my head on straight..."

BUT I really do feel a bit dizzy and overwhelmed. I think what the whole part that makes it
hard for me is that MY HOUSE IS FILTHY. Bentley Court is like the San Francisco bridge... the second I sweep the house I might as well start over again... Anywho, between my new house, my new kitchen and new appliances, and my my new huge closet and cute puppy and new husband who looks like Bradley Cooper, I can hardly find the time to blog about all of my new stuff. Ugh. I do make my hypocritical self sick.

New things that I love at the moment.

1. this little puppy. here she is posing with painters plastic, drywall, and some drill bits. poor thing thinks these items are toys.
2. the dark stained beams in our kitchen. i am sooooo glad we did it.3. our new turquoise door. did i wake up last friday saying "i will paint the door today"?, no. but i did run in to some left over paint from our old apartment and i think it looks pretty cute. (note- i have no idea why our puppy looks so sad).4. that our house is almost a habitable place. almost. and that they skies are so blue and inviting to walks with the pup while i look at other neighbors trim and shutter colors. old am i.5. the book i am reading "the help". i am pms-ing and crying a lot and sometimes that just feels gooooood. thanks allie.

6. That this is considered fashionable. Because I hate to brush my hair and wash my clothes too.
7. This:

November 16, 2010

I dont really even know what week it is...

But we have a lovely sunroom that has completed paint... the big blotch of light is the sun setting! not quite over the ocean or anything, but i will take a sunset from my bedroom ANY DAY!
but! WE HAVE CABINETS! and appliances! i have a SINK! US Appliances was by far the best deal for Bosch appliances AKA Big Girl Appliances. I am so excited! No countertops- but a SINK!

November 11, 2010

the #2 easiest way to apologize...

And what is the #1 easiest way? saying IM SORRY with the mouth. but the flowers look so pretty in my construction site. Love my husband.

November 10, 2010

Week Six- i think...?

Although we moved in one week ago... this is what the house looks like... HOWEVER- our cabinets will be delivered today, put together/installed by the end of the weekend, appliances next week, and paint should be done by this weekend too... soon... so soon...
Welcome to 3012 Bentley... that may look like my old closet shelf...
...but it is actually doubling (tripling) as our pantry, cabinets, and appliance holder (best craigslist find EVER). And as of today, here is our "kitchen". I am hoping to be posting pictures by Monday at the latest of our new fancy schmancy appliance-less kitchen.

November 4, 2010


Here is what I will prob look like all weekend... (this is me lugging a 98 pound bag of stucco. Why would they make bags that weigh this much? WHY?)BUT here is what I would like to be doing this weekend:

Anything inspiring...
Anything involving talking to my husband about anything other than cabinets or paint...
Anything involving this- sub kitty for a clean Huntley...Anything in Greece, I want to go back...
Anything that would be as sexy as this...

Home- Move In and Week Four...

Well... I cant find my camera amidst the chaos but I will update soon.

Today I attempted to clean up the yard a little. I put on a butchy outfit and sat on the steps not knowing where to begin...
Before- South cornerAfter- a trashcan full of crapola and nuthin to show for it. At least my fat ass broke a sweat. And even though she is a very bad girl and pees on our beautiful new carpet, this little angel has put up with the construction better than he or I. Here she is, covered in dry wall and epoxy and happy as a sunbathing clam... love her. (yes, that is what all of my floors look like after sweeping).

November 2, 2010


is hard. We had to be out of our apartment by last Sunday- which means that ready or NOT- we had to move in to our home now. So we did. The drywall has not even been fully sanded or brushed or sealed, so not even close to getting painted. Our floors are not done. Our closets are not done. Our electrical is not done. Oy! I am trying very hard not to complain. But OY!

We have workmen in and out of the house from 8am until 4pm... Oy!

AND- it has been a bit of a stressor for the man and I. I know we will get through all of this. I just cant wait to have a semi-complete house and my loving smiling husband back. I think date night is in order. Only every night is booked with home shiiiiiiiiit and its not like I have a kitchen to cook him a meal in. I dont even have a washer or dryer so that I can fill up his drawers with clean socks and undies and polos. And I cant find where I packed my craft goodies so that I could make him a little card to put on his pillow.

This too shall pass.

November 1, 2010

Happy Hands!

I have been listening to this non stop while packing/unpacking. It is seriously my religion at this point. It reminds me of the dance clubs in Mykonos and makes me a happy girl amidst a sea of drywall dust and bad electrical...Thank you Audge for sharing this little sweety:

October 21, 2010


my only regret is that we didnt name this sassy little bitch NENE LEAKS. other than that. she has our heart. thank you to who ever did not want this sweet little girl. and thank you, huntley, for the fresh air, long walks, giggles, and for being a puppy- NOT a baby!

Home- Week 3 (Master Bathroom)

so... we scheduled the moving trucks for one day from tomorrow. ha! i think the joke may be on us, even though trusty alfonso assures us we will be move in ready!
the awesome travertine we picked out... i love how every piece is different. the shampoo wall cut out. i have always wanted a shower with this. classy!
three pieces of the floor tile are down~
from the doorway, looking at the shower. i wish i could scan in the birds eye view drawing i have of the bathroom... basically the vanity goes on the wall on the left, with a huge mirror above it; toilet to the right of the shower bench, shelves on the wall (not shown here) to the right of the doorway. woo hoo. such an exciting journey!

October 15, 2010

Inspiration for this weekend.

like i said, i am in a FUNK.

i look up beautiful things and save them to my desktop all morning long. and then i eventually have to clean up the desktop and i dont get to look at them and feel good. husband does not like clutter. not on the desktop. not in the new house. but an exception could be made for this:
i want so badly to be able to buy art all day long... and live in the clouds and have my best friends be unicorns...
love this of Big Sur. shocking. what is more shocking is that i could actually afford this. well, not really, but kindof...

when we have a baby- i want zac freeman to do a self portrait of her/him out of all of his/her old toys... ahmazeballs. this one, called "holly" is made of all things left behind, paint lids, microchips, or as the artist eloquently refers to his art: junk.
i need to do more of this with my main squeeze....

Dear Diary...

i am at a bit of a loss.

i have been out of work for a while now. i think i may be depressed about the situation. of course, i wanted to be a wedding planner right after i completed planning my own. but now i am over it. i want to be in some sort of support role. whether PA, event coordinator, anything, really... i need work. my poor husband is stressed.

also- we are renovating our new house and packing our old. i think i am sad about that too. i dont do well with change. my husband is also stressed about the move. of course.

also- we have a new puppy now. her name is huntley. she is sweet as pie and stole our hearts immediately. but she also has had terrible diarrhea all over the upstairs on three occasions and i am worried about her and also repulsed. my poor husband is also stressed about this.
me on diarrhea patrol.

i want to put it out there- i want work! i want to contribute to my new family (love, open heart, mind and ears, laughter, and financially).

love, me