March 25, 2010

Dear Diary

I was having lunch on the grass with one of my best girlfriends yesterday and we somehow got to talking about blogs… she had mentioned that at one point she had attempted a blog of her own VanNuysHousewife. She said she ultimately stopped the blogging because she was tired of trying to be witty on the internet when she was the only person reading it. I was chuckling to myself thinking- no one knows that I started this silly little project, and unless I tell friends, no one will ever read it.

This is fine. I started this little blog, which is actually only a journal (since no one will ever read it), as a way to gather my thoughts. I have twice lost my email group that I sent to myself with all of my genius ideas and pictures. I am also incredibly bored and unsatisfied with my job- so it is a great way to kill and hour, or eight, a day. Is that bad? Well, since I am the only one reading this- thus the only person who can answer this- hell no it isn’t bad- your job freaking blows.

I really did start this as a way to stay organized for the wedding though… for example- here is what I would like to do to my hair for the rehearsal dinner. I think it is fabulous and ridiculous and I also think the only time in my life that I will be able to do something like this. BAM! Who's the bride now?
from ruffled.
I think this is so soft and earthy and just oozes pretty summer bride. I am going to be very simple on my wedding day so this will be my "statement" that will set me apart from all the others at the rehearsal (or at least you will be able to see the top of my head through the swarm of people we are going to be surrounded by the whole time- this makes me very uneasy). AND- I have one batshit crazy friend who will probably show up in a bridal gown so this wil help people tell who is who from afar.

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