March 15, 2011

my "blog-worthy" competitor:

its audra.

check out the birthday dinner she "designed" last sunday.

food- out of control.
company- eclectic as hell but lovely.
ambiance- too nice.
entertainment: seeing grown men dance on the kinect to lady gaga is one of the biggest joys.

aside from me screwing up the cake and being too out of my mind throwing a shower that i forgot to call my oldest and dearest friend on her birthday-
i think this was her best birthday to date.

one thing is a fact: it was her classiest. i love yuppy dinner parties.

baby shower & i heart olympia.

if you would have told me five years ago that i would be homesick for olympia i would have said no way, no how. but alas, it is true. i had a GREAT weekend there. and i am already homesick.

we threw a baby shower for annie. it was so much fun and to toot my own horn- we did a great great job! we ran around like crazy, but it was so worth it.

from the yummy menu-

tomato basil soup
mini grilled gruyere and smoked cheddar cheese sammys with prosciotto and chorizo. drool.

to the decor- a little flag banner that i made with scrapbook paper and twine that could not have turned out any cuter. to annies baby clothes hanging from clothes pins. to these amazing yellow flower poofs i found at the party store. so. cute.

to the dessert- um, cute sprinkled pink donuts on a cute cakestand? with jars of colorful candy all over. with the cutest table cloth of all time. so. cute.

to the guest of honor- annie is glowing and couldnt have been a cuter or more gracious momma. love. her.

here are some "hip" pics:
clockwise: 1. mini grilled cheeses, piled high. with yummy fig and strawberry jams to make them even yummy-er. and adding cute little signs to things took me like 10 extra minutes and made it just so much cuter. 2. the dessert area. mad hatter tea party-esque. 3. annie's boots from when she was a little nugget. 4. the stupid diaper cake my mom and i made that i lugged up to washington. not my finest decision, but kind of worth it.
regular pics:
and then to top off a beautiful day- why NOT have a wig party and drink a tad too much with your favorite people? why not?
great great weekend.