May 5, 2010

My Maids

I want to get the most awesomest coolest treats for my girls. I am the worst at gift giving. All 6 of my ladies happen to be some of the most thoughtful people I know (aside from my mother who lives on planet thoughtful and makes everyone else look bad).

When it comes to a bridesmaid gift I really want it to be special. And even more than special I want it to be bad ass! I was actually about to post some pics of some cool purses i saw and then realized that a purse is in no way special. But at least I am not doing this to them:

May 3, 2010


When I was first asked about a cake I could not care less. I knew a few things: 1. I did not want cupcakes. They are so 2009.
2. Whoopie pies are just silly.
3. I love the tradition of grooms cakes. And I have no idea what would make a good one? A bottle of vodka? A pack of parliaments? A slumlord? This one is gonna be a tuffy. Maybe I will lean towards taste and do pecan pie a la mode, or his favorite- noddle coogle (do you think I could get my future mother in law to make coogle the morning of the wedding? ha!) :)

But now I think I DO care...these cakes are bomb. I have sent them to our patisserie.

This decision will also be a tuffy. Whatever kind of cake we choose- get in my mouth! I can't wait to meet you!

Baby Blue Suit

So- Daddy bought a suit! We had tried a few from JCrew (irish linen and faded black stripe) because originally he HAD to have a three piece. But alas, he decided on this one:
Brook Brothers. It fits him like a sexy little blue glove. He didn’t want to take it off. When I told his mom he decided on a suit she was so happy. When I told her it was baby blue I thought she was going to drive us off the road. She seriously turned red she was so upset. She said he wasn’t taking the wedding seriously; I don’t entirely agree with this. She said “he paid that much for a suit he will never wear again?”. I said, I paid a nice chuck of change for my dress, and I don’t plan on wearing it ever again. She said he was going to “stand out” from everyone else. I said “I will too! Isn’t that the point???” Her face went back to a calmer shade and I think we left it ok.
Either way- He is happy. He didn’t want to take it off. He looks fucking hot. It is going to be a ridiculously stylish party. I can not wait to see him in it! 117 days! Woop Woop!