February 17, 2011

jobby job makes me want to shoppy shop.

oy, i have been blogging a lot. my job is either so busy my head is spinning... or so dead i have nothing better to do but write to myself. the new house helps too. lots of house websites out there. lots of things to blog about. and then either do, or buy:

1. shutters. we ripped off the disgusting plastic BURNT RED shutters that came with the house. as well as the dollhouse trim around the door. now we must replace it with new shutters and new trim= preferably the same color so that i can sleep at night. order shutter, simple enough? no, it isnt. there are ten varieties. which most says "i am the fake siding to windows on a contemporary beach bungalow"???

2. rug. our living room needs love. it is sad. we are hopefully going to get our amazing artist friend to paint us something for the HUGE blank wall. but we also need a rug. to really finish the room off. i like these: (husband, what do YOU think?) something striped... image from target.
3. i am seriously considering a painted ceiling for the living room too. is that stupid?? i think with the wood beams, and the doorways with the trim... it would really "pop". i am 90. maybe a blue/green/sage/grey color...??? thoughts, audra and annie. hahahah.

February 16, 2011

this weekend...

i am going to accomplish at least one goal of making our home look a tad closer to one of these amazing abodes. even if it means just buying tubes of rainbow finger paint.

but what will actually get done... we will complete our fence:

with a finish like this:
kind of like the james perse show room vibe??? maybe a stretch...

February 15, 2011

damb ass dog

this is how she sleeps.

my heart. just melted.

what an amazing idea. irina werning takes peoples old photographs and recreates them. what the heck... i need to do this immediately. what a great gift for your parents or grandparents on mothers day/fathers day/anniversary.

February 14, 2011

valentines day...

i woke up with an absess coming out of my eye... i rolled over to say happy valentines day to my hubby- and looked like a dragon. he drove to urgent care, sat with me, and went and filled my prescription while i got ready for work...

all day i felt like a queen. i dont need a box of chocolates, or flowers or an expensive meal to know that my husband loves me. and its true.

and then i came home to a clean house, the dishes done, flowers, and reservations at piccolo, the restaurant that scott proposed to me with.

i feel so so lucky. and i am writing this so the next time i am bitching about god only knows that- i will remember that it isnt about the flowers and yummy dinner. they are really really nice, but picking up my prescription when i am the ugliest i have ever been- thats the bees knees.