April 22, 2010


Yesterday was bittersweet. As I was celebrating (we didn’t actually do anything except for go to sushi happy hour) our one year engagiversary I was also mourning the one year “death” of my bff. The night we got engaged was basically the night we stopped being close- or even friends for that matter. Aside from the fact that she is BATSHIT CRAZY and the most delusional and selfish person ever, I miss her. I joked a few posts back about her showing up in a white gown, but it is actually not really all that funny. She has always been crazy. That’s what I liked about her. I’m crazy. We helped each other. But the day I got engaged, she was no longer a supportive friend. She no longer wanted to be happy for me. She no longer wanted to hang out with me- unless it was just the two of us, and even then, all talk of my man or our wedding was off limits. The night we got engaged she said to me- “don’t be one of those brides that talks about your wedding non stop”) and then she never asked a single question regarding the wedding, our engagement, or me. Nuthin. She didn’t come to our engagement party, she didn’t even RSVP. I have not heard from her since October. I can honestly say that it has been pretty bittersweet planning all of this without her in my life. Everyone says how awful she was, and how selfish and one sided our friendship was, and yadda yadda yadda. But she was still my girlfriend from third grade… a sister really. It will be very interesting to see how things will turn out… but there has definitely been a (silent) void in my life.

I think my example is extreme, but I know this is something that a lot of brides (and wives?) go through. I have supportive friends who still can’t help but make little negative comments. Like: youre having TWO showers? Mocking my invitations (WHO does that?????), or making "fun" of the fact that I had eleven hostesses for my first shower. I get it, I am spoiled. I had showers thrown for me at country clubs. Whatever. It’s easier to let those go- because I know it has nothing to do with ME or my man, but with their own insecurities (they all happen to be in relationships that have gone on a tad too long without a ring... they arent upset that there is glitter on MY shower invitation, they are upset that they dont have a shower invitation at all) I get it ladies. And I dont really care. But this one, my bestie, has been tough. Even if she isn’t there for me right now- I hope she is there the day of- wearing a white wedding gown or not.

April 21, 2010

Today is our ENGAGIVERSARY! One year ago today I got engaged to the best man in all the land!

One year ago today I got into a tiff with him over a haircut. He said he didn’t want to get a haircut because he had a special dinner planned. I immediately said that was fine, because I love special dinners! I rushed home from work- to find him sitting on the couch watching a movie. Nothing on the stove. Nada in the oven. I was let down, to say the least. He said he was sorry- and that he just really didn’t want to get a haircut… but he had a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and we should drink it on the rooftop. The sun was about to set. Fine. We walked up the stairs to the rooftop of our building. There was a table and two chairs, wine glasses, a tablecloth, cloth napkins, napkin rings (!!), and a bottle of Prosecco. “He is just being nice he is just being nice” was on repeat in my head. we sat down to our five course meal from Piccollo Venice- our favorite spot. We cheers’ed our bubbly. He told the worlds longest roofing story. The sun went down and I got cold. He had my jacket on the roof waiting for when I got a chill. He is just being nice he is just being nice. More roofing story. A bit of me complaining about my job (I am sorry lovie- I know I do that too much). Then he said he had a present for me too! He is just being nice he is just being nice. It was a jewelry box. It was lime green and very very cool. It was empty. He is just being nice he is just being nice. He said he had more. He got down on his knee. He was so nervous. I could tell. He said- I love you, I want to be with you forever. Will you please marry me?

image via us- on our rooftop!

Thank you, my love. I am a very lucky girl. I know this. We are going to have a wonderful life together- full of happiness, laughter, respect, love and honesty (and a golden doodle and Arian babies). Cheers to forever! Love you mucho.

April 19, 2010

Long Post- Probably because we got a lot o sh*t done...

**UPDATE: Of the 9 things that we had to do this last weekend- we did 6! Pretty good! We did not get baby sitter referrals because we decided we are not doing this (if you want to bring your kids to the wedding- you have to watch them! What a concept!). I didnt get around to hair and make up- next time. And cake- apparantly you have to be pretty exclusive to get Michelle from Big Sur Bakery to make your cake. Good thing we ARE and our amazing day of/all around best help ever, Cheri is going to git-r-done. **

Happy Monday!

We just returned from another great weekend in Big Sur! The weather was heaven! We got so much done and I think we were both able to take a spoonful out of our stressed out cup and add a spoonful to the excited cup! Aside from the fact that I feel like our wedding is going to be a ZOOOOOOOO (300 people- fml), it is going to be so special.

We raced up on Friday morning to meet Cheri at the site… ahhh…Ms. Point 16. You are a very special lady. Cheri is so rad- she makes me feel so calm about everything. There really aint a thing to worry about when you have a woman like her on your team. I walked around the site and got giddy and took pics and fantasized about our day.

We then proceeded to reward ourselves for a job well done at Fernwood Tavern, aka “The Dog” (mind you, we were rewarding ourselves for very little- driving to Big Sur and making it to Point 16 by 2pm? Hard work you two! Go celebrate! We are so stupid.) . I have been “dieting” so I rewarded myself with hot wings, a salmon quesadilla, and a buffalo burger and fries. Oh, and about 15 glasses of Pinot Grigio, a jack and water on the rocks, and a late night shot of well tequila with our new "friend" Ben. Needless to say, I spent the night in the bathroom. You got me again, Big Sur! I still love you though.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Big Sur Bakery. OH. MY. GOD. It was heaven. Go there. Now. And have the breakfast pizza. Yum. And if you are hungover like I was, have two mimosas. Yum yum. After breakfast we drove up to Carmel Valley (he drove, I slept) to meet with John from Paradise Caterers. They are making the feast for the rehearsal dinner. A cute little BBQ if you will… even though it is at the SICKEST art gallery ever! I think my man was getting a little jealous on the way back because I would not SHUT UP about how nice and thoughtful and caring and accommodating and charming John was. But its true- he is! I heart him mucho! image via my blackberry. We were dumbfounded when we walked down the path to find this. Seriously, I was like pissed off at how pretty this was.

Sunday before heading south we met our awesome florist, Kate Healy and cranked away all of the (really really fun) details! The flowers are going to look awesome! We are so stoked! She is another lady that makes me feel so calm… I don’t have a worry in the world (aside from the ridiculous and embarrassing size of our guest list, the fact that we don’t know where to have the stupid brunch the day after the wedding, we have about 100 people too many for the rehearsal dinner, my sister and I are in (another) fight over her worthless husband, I don’t have anyone to do hair or makeup for us bitches, the “rounds” that I have been daydreaming about may not happen, and I am the most awkward person on the planet so I am still staying up at night worrying about having to be charming and sweet and funny and pretty all weekend).