March 22, 2010


Where does one begin with this? I want it all! I do not feel like I have been greedy when it comes to flowers, or jewelry, or a super expensive designer dress (even though I ended up with one) or even presents- I felt so greedy walking around crate and barrel with that registry gun… but I am adamant about wanting awesome food! I love food! My favorite kind of food is MORE! (This is part of the reason why I am starting boot camp with my lover next month- more on that later) We want the food to be delicious from beginning (my dad is the guy at each wedding who stakes out where the passed appetizers are coming from and waits by that door) to end (I want a dessert bar and possible bar food passed out towards the end of the night to keep the energy up, and soak up the booz)- we also want to be local when possible, organic, and look amazing! Easy feat! Now I sound greedy, I know! Inspirations below:

style me pretty
I love this for when people first get dropped off at the site- only ours will read mojito, sangria, and "john daly". A little cool off- and jump start.

style me pretty
I cannot find the perfect picture to depict the raw seafood bar we are going to have- but this will do for now. Are those scallops? In my head they are.

style me pretty
my other true love- heirloom tomatoes and burratta, and on a simple white plate... oh yes please.

thank you for the idea, and you too audge.

ummm, smores... ? does it get any better than smores??? my girl audra had us over for smores the other night! my wedding brain started to quietly churn. we just happen to have a fire pit at the site! consider this done.

image via the ever helpful style me pretty

some late night munchies will help everyone show up for the morning after brunch (I know, mothers and etiquette are forcing all guests to feel obligated to come to yet another wedding activity after the wedding. He and I do not even want to attend. Sorry all...)

Is it bad that this gets me more excited than dress shopping did??? Hence the need for boot camp!

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