March 30, 2010

The California men dreamed of...

One of the (many) amazing things about getting married at Point 16 is the view. It is a stupid view. It is as ridiculous as views come. So obviously we are having a day time wedding. This view is also the reason why we had to search so long and hard for a Rabbi who would marry us on the Sabbath. But that is neither here not there. As far as d├ęcor- we don’t have to do too much. My mother and I have been collecting lanterns for months, which will be hung at different lengths from the trees, with tea lights in them, but other than that, we plan on letting Big Sur do the talking. Once the sun sets, however, I would like lights like this to do the talking… Thanks Martha!

oh, and this one, this is the site Point 16 after dark. Good thing no one reads this blog or else people would want to kill me out of sheer jealousy!

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