October 3, 2011

6.5 months

i hate to complain, because i really have had it so so good throughout this pregnancy- but being 6.5 months prego + sick as a dog rd 2 + full time job = a self loathing elysia.

i spent the entire weekend trying to stay in and be smart so i could get better. i started my one and only z pack of the year on friday and i was SO SURE it would make me healthy in time for a crazy work week ... false.

i freaked out last night and convinced myself that my throat was closing up. i ran into the living room screaming and crying to scott that i was suffocating. not pleasant. and then my dad is on the phone with scott shooting the shit about golf while i am wheezing and sweating and convincing myself that i am going to suffocate and not make it to the hospital in time... yeah, not pleasant at all.

anywho- but now here i am, still at work, feeling a 1/2 of a % better than yesterday...

but there is too much to look forward to to be self loathing:
1. i get to throw a baby shower for courtney and baby d this weekend in oly
2. i am fortunate enough to be able to fly up to oly for 46 hours...
3. work is busy, and i have a job i love
4. we get to have a sleepover with huntley on wednesday night (i havent blogged about it bc it makes me sad- but our little huntley bear has been at doggy military school for the past THREE WEEKS and we miss her little self like crazy).
5. babymoon soon! only a month away, and the months are going by so so fast... a slow down would be appreciated
6. we have a doc appt (and glucose test) on wed. we havent seen little girl since 20 weeks so i am beyond pumped for wednesday.
7. it is going to rain on wednesday- which means two things: fall (ish) weather, and roofing jobs!
8. we are getting the house sprayed for termites next week.... doesnt seem like something to be too excited about, but it leads to painting the house! which i cannot wait for~
9. only 3.5 more months til we get to meet this little girl we have been growing and lovin. i get more ready and more excited by the minute. thank goodness.

baby girl kicks all of the time. it is my favorite thing in the world (as of now). scotty has gotten to feel her a bunch of times...its kind of our new favorite past time.

she is almost 9 inches and 2 lbs. but we will know a lot more tomorrow after the appt...
fingers crossed for continued smooth sailing!!

love you little girl. so so much.