December 29, 2011

why i love living in venice.

street fruit. any time i want. double the lime juice and chili powder please.

December 28, 2011


we have kicked it into overdrive trying to get our little home ready for 2012's guest of honor.

as i mentioned before, we started the party by fumigating while we were on our baby moon.

since then, we replaced the red roof with a grey shingle -i know a guy who got us a good deal :)- that makes the house look less 1930's and a tad more bungalow.

we drywalled the weird opening that was from the kitchen to the living room. this closed up the kitchen/living room entrance, and made it possible for us to give the little girl her very own room. we ordered interior french doors for the wider opening... and so far- it looks adorable.

we also planted sod in the backyard- so by the time i am able to drink wine again our backyard will be less of huntley's dig den and more of a family place.

we sold the couch of scotty's vengeance- the lounge couch that i purchased from crate and barrel one year ago- and got an L shaped couch for our new living room... the front entry :)

AND this week the house was painted!! i cant even stand it. the house we have wanted since buying our little project over a year ago is so close... we couldn't be happier.

other than that- I AM SO LAZY. the definition of sloth i am.

i am thankful to have a pretty large, healthy baby in my belly that COULD join us at any moment- but i would also be thankful for another week to get the home in tip top shape. i keep hearing about this sudden burst of insane energy one gets a few days prior to popping- well, i need it... so bring it on.

here are a few snippets of our progress in the little girlies room. ligit pics to come.
daddy and uncle adam painting the room for little one. (scotty picked out the color. he's a cute guy).

the only complete-ish corner of her room. LOVE the colors and the chevron.
i love this little mobile that she will be looking up at... its heaven.

she has a little shoe collection going. makes me so happy.

i feel so lucky to have this life. it is so good. and about to get better. holy moly.

December 20, 2011

update... and lately.

thank you annie for reminding me of this blog.

quick catch up:

1. my amazing friends/co workers threw me a surprise shower at work a few weeks ago. it was amazing. pizza, churros, hall + oates, martinellis, red velvet cake... and the most thoughtful gift for our little girl. i am so lucky to have such amazing people to work with. i truly love them so so much.
2. i am on maternity leave as of last week. i'm bored.

3. the housekeeper broke the crib. so we had to buy a new one... and we set it up last sunday.

4. and then even though i just said i was bored- we got the roof done two weeks ago, the painter is here now painting the exterior (we went with a grey-blue with white trim), and we started to dry wall the opening in the living room yesterday to officially give little girl a room :) here is a little progress:

and then here it is less than 24 hours later:
so the guys are here and hopefully everything will be orderly by this weekend. hopefully.

5. huntley is my best friend (even though i am sure she considers scotty HER best friend)- and the only one who understands that sometimes while walking it is perfectly acceptable to take a sit-down-break in the middle of the road.
6. and the need to stop mid walk probably has to do with the fact that i look like THIS. yikes. 36 weeks and feeling pretty good...
(yes, that is trash in the background. i thought maternity leave was going to make me such a good housewife. but i am SOOOOOOOO tired. i havent gotten a whole lot done. whoops.)

i will post pics of the new room and kitchen once things are a bit more orderly. until then, i will continue to shop, eat, sleep, and rearrange pointless things in my house.

on the agenda for the week: cirque du soleil "iris" tonight!, hannukkah parties galore this week... dinner with scotty's grandparents, and WAIT WAIT WAIT for this beautiful little girl.

**my wonderful doctor yesterday said baby girl is already over 6.8 ounces... and she still has over 3 weeks to cook and get bigger and healthier and fatter. yay!**

December 1, 2011

oh, and...

i attempted this: buying glasses based on screen shots while at work and super imposing frames on my face. we will see. i just thought this was so amazing.

things of late. according to my iphone.

we have kinda sorta made a little progress on little girls room/corner. kinda. cribs are kind of lonely looking without bumpers and toys. but check out my cute chevron totes from my besties in washington. LOVE them. and the changing table is from when i was a little baby. we just wiped it off and got some cute knobs from cost plus and voila. it now looks like an old changing table that has been wiped off and given new knobs. ha. still to do- hang the driftwood mobile that court made for her, paint the walls, protect the windows with earthquake proof lining, find some sort of rocking device, and hang something on the teeny bit of wall space we have for her.

scotty has been having a good ol time in the kitchen. this is miso glazed black cod with spinach. and i added a loaf of bread and oil to my portion because i am huge now and i can never eat just a simply healthy meal. it was delish, and i hope the husband a) stays on this cooking for me kick (he even did the dishes. it was crazy!) b) keeps it nice and healthy for when i am trying to lose this little girl weight that is slowing me down, and c) starts to understand portion control- at $26.99 a lb, we dont each need 1 lb of fish for dinner. especially in a house like ours where leftovers get shown no love. but thank you husband, it was delish! and i love the omega 3's!

i am behind with the kitchen pics. but here i am 2 weeks ago. i know, its massive. and its only getting bigger. as much as i hate being as huge as i am... i love that it (might) mean that we have a big healthy girl growing larger by the second. yes please! and then i go back to hating that i will have to push this potentially huge baby out... but thats something we dont speak of.

i got a new car! thanks husband! she is a beauty. and huntley bear is mortified that she is no longer allowed to sit in the front or wherever she pleases. but she is getting used to the trunk. she is a dog. i am not going to beat myself up over it. she is a DOG.
we found this place literally across the street from our house. it is called george's. if you dont mind stepping over homeless people to get your breakfast- then this place is for you! amazing. greasy, disgusting, and cheap. i feel bad for my former self that i never got to cure a hangover here. (yes, this could have something to do with why i am so large. whatever. i live for syrup lately.)

other than that- i have my second baby shower this weekend. i am so spoiled. but i am so excited. i did the first load of wash for little girl last night. its all so small and sweet i cant stand it. my last day of work before maternity leave is a week from tomorrow (!!)... it will be nice to catch up on life and friendships. i would say sleep, but that ship sailed 2 months ago. scotty has really been so so accommodating and nice to us. he takes huntley on 90% of her walks. gets me crushed ice with 1/10 juice and the rest water whenever i ask without hardly ever rolling his eyes, has been not only cooking dinner and doing dishes, but marketing, and he helps me off of the couch while i squirm and grunt. thanks. it does not go unnoticed.

(even though he got SOOO drunk on saturday night that i was tempted to hit him while he was passed out snoring. but he understands that until baby comes (and after, obviously), his hoorahs are over. O.V.E.R. its on call time.)

life is good.

November 23, 2011


just peeled myself off of the couch to go into the bedroom to change into something more comfy for an exciting night of "up all night" and "modern family" with the husband . then i looked down and realized i was already in maternity leggings, a baggy t shirt, and uggs. it doesnt get lazier / comfier than that.

i might need to step it up a bit.

November 15, 2011

8 months later...

so i am 8 months prego now. this is a CRAZY fact. for scotty and i at least.

here is why this scares me:
1. we are less than a 60 day countdown away. this is unsettling to me.
2. we have nothing set up for the little girl except for the high chair. the high chair has been ready to go for a month... and yes, we know that babies dont use highchairs until about 5 months of age. but thats all we have got. and we threw the crib together to use as a storage space but it would by no means be considered legal for a baby to rest in there.
3. courtney had baby duke at 36 weeks- so this really hits home that baby girl could join us in the next month.
4. we havent roofed or painted yet.
5. i havent exactly come to terms with the whole labor portion of this process. i am aware of it. but then again, not really at all...
6. we havent taken our baby classes yet. we both need those. it should be the law for us.
7. i need a wax. and another maternity massage. and a pedicure.

here is why i am so excited to meet her that i cant sleep at night:
1. she will soon be sleeping next to us :)
2. making the cutest little noises.
3. i will get to see scott with our little girl. just the thought of this makes me cry and smile.
4. we will be parents!?!?!?!? who is allowing this? i am beyond excited for this part of my life to begin. i think we will do just fine.
5. my restless leg syndrome will be gone

i feel like the excited list isnt really something i can put into list form... so i wont delete what i wrote above, but i am aware at how not good of a list it is.

in other baby news. because baby girl will be living in a corner of our room- decor has been kept to a major minimum... but here is what we (i) have decided we (i) want for her little space...

i made little pom poms for her... sorta like this, but not nearly as cute.
we have this rug in her room... and a similar little dresser with baskets for her goodies.

but unfortunately it looks like this (above) at the moment. a lil bit of work needs to be done before our little one has a room good enough for her. baby steps.

November 14, 2011

baby moon

so beautiful. so appreciated.

November 3, 2011

we are off...

we leave for our little getaway (i feel pretty silly calling it a babymoon) this afternoon. we booked massages, have looked at the local hot spots, and i contacted to concierge to help us find some 31 week pregnant friendly nature walks through the red rock... it should be amazing. in the 40's at night, vista views from our bed, quiet time with my quiet husband. life is good.

its weird to think that in one week i will be on the "do not fly" list.
its weird to think that in four weeks we are instructed to have our hospital bag packed and car seat installed.
its weird to think that this will be our last trip without a child. its our last trip as just elysia + scotty (even though i think we can both honestly say it has felt like more than just "elysia + scotty" for months now).
its weird that all future vacations will be planned around our children. the company we travel with, the places we choose to go, the time of year...

its also amazing. and i cant wait for her to be here with us.

but its also weird. haha.

on another note... a co worker and i were mario + luigi for halloween at work. it was amazing.

October 21, 2011


i am still living off of pizza. (and fruits + veggies, promise); we have started to make baby steps to get our home read for the little lady... we fumigated, new roof next week, paint the house after that, and started work on the nursery/our bedroom; road trip to palm desert last weekend was just what we needed, 107* wasnt needed, but it was relaxing nonetheless; it is very dangerous to have every hipster food truck parked outside of the agency. yep- thats fried bread with hot caramel sauce.

October 10, 2011

oh hello belly button. 27 weeks.

this is offensive. why didnt my husband let me know that my belly button was popping through this morning?

October 3, 2011

6.5 months

i hate to complain, because i really have had it so so good throughout this pregnancy- but being 6.5 months prego + sick as a dog rd 2 + full time job = a self loathing elysia.

i spent the entire weekend trying to stay in and be smart so i could get better. i started my one and only z pack of the year on friday and i was SO SURE it would make me healthy in time for a crazy work week ... false.

i freaked out last night and convinced myself that my throat was closing up. i ran into the living room screaming and crying to scott that i was suffocating. not pleasant. and then my dad is on the phone with scott shooting the shit about golf while i am wheezing and sweating and convincing myself that i am going to suffocate and not make it to the hospital in time... yeah, not pleasant at all.

anywho- but now here i am, still at work, feeling a 1/2 of a % better than yesterday...

but there is too much to look forward to to be self loathing:
1. i get to throw a baby shower for courtney and baby d this weekend in oly
2. i am fortunate enough to be able to fly up to oly for 46 hours...
3. work is busy, and i have a job i love
4. we get to have a sleepover with huntley on wednesday night (i havent blogged about it bc it makes me sad- but our little huntley bear has been at doggy military school for the past THREE WEEKS and we miss her little self like crazy).
5. babymoon soon! only a month away, and the months are going by so so fast... a slow down would be appreciated
6. we have a doc appt (and glucose test) on wed. we havent seen little girl since 20 weeks so i am beyond pumped for wednesday.
7. it is going to rain on wednesday- which means two things: fall (ish) weather, and roofing jobs!
8. we are getting the house sprayed for termites next week.... doesnt seem like something to be too excited about, but it leads to painting the house! which i cannot wait for~
9. only 3.5 more months til we get to meet this little girl we have been growing and lovin. i get more ready and more excited by the minute. thank goodness.

baby girl kicks all of the time. it is my favorite thing in the world (as of now). scotty has gotten to feel her a bunch of times...its kind of our new favorite past time.

she is almost 9 inches and 2 lbs. but we will know a lot more tomorrow after the appt...
fingers crossed for continued smooth sailing!!

love you little girl. so so much.

September 28, 2011

i might have a problem.

this is what i did at work this morning... yes, i put together a "lookbook" of outfits for our baby. so what. and i might have bought all of these items on either gilt, hautelook, zulily, or mini social. girlfriend will be joining us pretty dang soon and she needs something to wear!

i am pleased to say that i (think i) am officially passed the shock portion of this pregnancy. it may have taken 6 months, but i have fully accepted the fact that a little girl is on the way. and now i am just BEYOND EXCITED! beyond!

im not sure if i really had given a ton of thought to boy vs. girl. i think i just thought boys were easier, and i love grayson so much, so i just figured... but now when i think about having a delicate, sweet, ladylike, considerate little baby girl i MELT.

and seeing boys screaming and jumping off of benches and pretending to play with swords and hit helps too. so so excited to meet this little girl i cant take it.

(and i am excited for more than dress up... i promise)

September 22, 2011

6 months.

at the airport last wednesday scotty felt her kick for the first time. it was one of the first times i really felt her on the outside too. its silly how exciting it is. and lemme tell ya, she hasnt stopped kicking since. i love it. every second of it.

dear little girl moving around in my belly,

thanks for putting up with the trekking this last week. you are already such an easy going travel companion. a perfect fit for us! we love you so much already i cant even imagine what it will be like in the future. its kinda crazy.

picture heavy vaca.

just got back from a beautiful week with beautiful friends and a beautiful baby girl.

maebel KILLS me.
1. finding ways to get pics of us without asking others...
2. boston
3. duck tour
4. fenway park
5. happy boys with martoonis
6. bread and breakfast-ing in connecticut
7. i love my friends so so much
8. maebel kills me
9. li's wedding with too many adorable touches
10. seriously beautiful
11. happy good looking men
12. straight outta style me pretty
13. nyc with a belly
14. best friends
15. nyc
16. boys in brooklyn. happy birthday chris!
17. eataly by mario battali
18. i love these ladies
19. maebel kills me
20. bradley cooper takes the subway too.

glad to be home. just missing huntley :(

September 13, 2011

pallet coffee table.

well i do not believe it... but we actually made the pallet coffee table this weekend. go us!

(in these pictures it looks like scotty did all of the work... but he did not).

1. have your husband bring home two pallets from work.
2. sand them down. then sand them again.
3. laquer the heck out of them.
4. pick out some cool industrial looking wheels for the bottom. attach.
5. enjoy!

our little helper- covered in sawdust

September 7, 2011


1. beautiful surf weekend
2. she thinks she runs the house
3. whoah
4. wedding cake- 368 days later

September 2, 2011

for our little one.

we decided that when we have our little girls baby naming, we are going to have something like this set up:

(it will be a special reminder for her when she grows up of how many people stopped by to love her. dont you think?)

maybe change the basket in front to be a baby carrier? or sub it for a little tricycle. we arent there yet... clearly.

August 30, 2011

one year.

scotty and i celebrated our one year wedding anniversary this past weekend. we had planned to spend the day together outside (it was gorgeous out) and then have a beautiful dinner @ geoffrey's on the beach.

instead we sat on the couch while i nursed my cold and watched bad television. i didnt even shower. i am a terrible wife. i did make breakfast for us... an egg sandwich has to count for something. and our romantic dinner got switched to soup from whole foods and a pint of ben and jerry's ice cream.

he did spoil me though. i have hinted that i wanted a rose gold band to match his. now we are best friends with matching rings. love you husband. thanks for the lazy, kind of romantic day. and for not making me feel too bad for ruining our plans.i really should have taken a better pic...

i made scotty a little "year in review" card. i thought doing one of these every year would give us something fun to look back on when we have a 25 or 50 page booklet.

it has been QUITE the year husband. indeed. thanks for every one of the 365 days. even the bad ones. i cant believe how much more i love you than i did a year ago... how is that even possible?

August 25, 2011

baby girls room.

i am having such a hard time finding nursery inspiration... so here are some snippets of things i have found and saved on my desktop. i am new to photoshop. pardon me.

August 24, 2011


i would imagine it was either a woman or a resort that invented the babymoon. maybe it is silly. maybe it isnt. i dont care. when my husband asked me "where do you want to go on our babymoon?" i got very excited.

we will be spending 4 days in sedona, arizona. one hour flight, and then a long weekend at l'auberge de sedona ... lots of walks along the red rock, cabin on the river, relaxation... yes, please! thanks husband. this will be fun!


i wont do this weekly... but i am five months of prego now. how did this go by so fast?