March 31, 2011

this month...

1. scotty melted my heart with my favorite little boy.
2. i visited my dear dear friends in oly.
3. we found the inspiration for our ugly little house.
4. nikki gave birth to beautiful baby elizabeth.
5. this is what i wake up to. huntley is such a creep.
6. annie is full of maebel.
7. nice weather promoted walks to dinner. which is always nice.
8. we can see (sorta) the sunset from our backyard.
9. and unfortunately our house still looks like this.

March 29, 2011

at least i am attempting to attempt this

i bit the bullet... and after an embarrassing amount of time blogging about again and again and looking for chevron print curtain panels or rugs or anything striped... i just bought the fabric and will make curtain panels myself. the fact that i had told myself for the last two months that it would be SOOOOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOoo expensive to buy the fabric at joanns and i would have to just accept it and spend $100 per panel.... it turns out it costs nothing to buy. and they ship within 48 hours. and its also on sale.

and it will also make me feel good to make my own. and im not even sure that i want chevron print curtain panels. so, since i am incapable of making decisions. i bit a cheap bullet and bought 3 yards each of these two fabrics...

thoughts? i want to like the brown and cream one. but i think our tiny little house would most benefit from a softer shade...

oh who the heck even knows anymore...

March 28, 2011

another good weekend. another good week.

so why the heck am i am so dang tired?

almost done with the guest bathroom... i came two seconds away from taking my FIRST bath in it last night (what the heck is taking me so long...?) but my severe sunburn prevented me.
here is the bathroom:

courtney and mikey came to palm desert from olympia for the week... so we trekked over for the weeked. huntley was so good in the car... and the whole weekend really...
we ate a LOT. layed out by the pool. got sunburned. played with huntley in the pool and with the hose. went to bruch. oh, and i got an iphone app that turns your face fat. we had wayyyy too much fun with it.

kickball game tonight. bridal shower this weekend. sea world on sunday. life is sweet.