July 7, 2011



scotty and i are almost one month away from our one year anniversary. crazy. we also just got our wedding pics. i spent the morning at work going through every single one slowly- huge smile on my face. it really was the greatest day ever. the pictures make me so so happy.

maybe next time i am whining at scott about a bug in the bathroom or taking out the trash, i will look up and see one of these pics and smile instead. probably not... but what a day it was!

thanks scott. for giving me the most beautiful courtship. the most perfect proposal. the most patient partner while wedding planning. and a great first year. not perfect, but truly great! im so so lucky! we have so much to look forward to. its ridiculous.

like we said in our vows... you are my heart, my love, my future and my home. i am honored to call you my partner.

so heres some pics. mostly just to make me happy.

just a few...

July 5, 2011


busy. busy. busy.
a lot of beach, a lot of sun (too much for scotty), and some DIY stuff around the house. we hung new shades in the bedroom... very very necessary. and planted some jasmine that will hopefully grow very quickly and cover our ugly little house with leaves and little white flowers. ill post pics later.

other than that...

1. huntley is one year old. wtf? how did that happen?
2. i am just over 12 weeks preggo and i am getting bigger. i'm embracing it (not it the baby, "it" the getting larger. we arent calling the baby it, we are calling the baby "baby" or he). and i am also embracing cheeseburgers and french fries and grape juice.
3. i was talking to my love grayson and was asking him about our baby and if we should have a boy or a girl, and if he would teach the baby how to swim and then i asked him what scotty and i should name the baby... he said "treasure hunt!!!!!". i said, ok we will take that into consideration, but what should the babies middle name be? and he replied, like i am a fool: "hunt". duh, of course he had covered both first and middle name. it was so funny (to us).

4. saw hall and oates at the hollywood bowl. amaze. they are in my top 3 now. for sure.
5. i think my hormones are "kind of" turning me in to a bitch. this girl who is dating one of scotts friends was talking to me at the beach the other day, and as if i had no control over my limbs as she was babbling to me about something i cant even remember i raised my hand and did the "gun to the head pull the trigger" gesture. i didnt even know i was doing it until it was over. not nice, elysia, not nice. and then in my head i have like a weird button that keeps going off that says "who gives a fuck" like all of the time. its terrible. i need to stop.

6. crazy wedding/party summer has officially kicked off.

this weekend: nicole and ians wedding
potters bachelorette
grandma and grandpas 65th (!!!) wedding anniversary party

holla! mazel! woo hoo!