March 23, 2012

rileys first friend!

we got to spend the last weekend in palm dessert with DUKE. it was so special to see our babies together. so so special.
such a fun time. other than the hangover (scotty was on daddy duty... but i wont be asking that of him again for a loooooooong time).


so... sometimes when people start a family things change. not when youre married to scotty. so even though we have a two and a half month old bebe- he booked us 8 days in nicaragua. on a beach in the middle of nowhwhere, with a convenient left break for him to enjoy, and an infinity pool for me and riley to enjoy. we will be there with two other lovely couples (love you kim), but im a little worried. a little.

anywho- on my nica to do list:

1. make sure my baby is 110% up to date on her vaccinations. (they will be completed like the day before we depart).
2. make like 60 versions of my "pack for baby" list and have my mother and pediatrician check it 25 times each.
3. walk a lot of hills.
4. lose about 20 lbs.

here are some things i have purchased or plan on purchasing to make me feel better about the trip. yes, i can absolutely be bought.

got this for the little lady. spf 30 and weighs next to nothing. she is going to be so cute hanging out in it on the beach. i am obsessed with (i placed an order at 3:50pm yesterday and there is a huge box, with this tent in it, and dish soap, and diapers, and scottys body wash on my doorstep as we speak. its 9:17 am! and free shipping).
you might be thinking, elysia- this is a maternity dress?!?!? riley is out of your stomach... well yes, but i love it on the skinny bitch too. this is on the wish list for nica. made by hatch. they are my new favorite designer. even though i am not prego. fuck it. i will be again one day...

riley and i need matching salt waters. im just having a hard time finding them for me. but these make me smile. yes, i know she doesnt walk.
you may be thinking... a blouse swimsuit?!?!?! elysia- dont give up entirely at 29! but i ordered it. and im gonna rock it. thanks jcrew.
courtney was wearing these last weekend. i loved them, so i ordered them. a lady can never have too many shades. especially when you lose them the way i do. so cute! and only $42 @ anthropologie.
i LOVEEEE these. i dont usually buy free people stuff if it isnt on sale- bc it ALWAYS goes on sale (ive been tricked too many times before). so i am keeping tabs on them and will soon have them in my possession, and for 30% less. but i love them.