December 29, 2011

why i love living in venice.

street fruit. any time i want. double the lime juice and chili powder please.

December 28, 2011


we have kicked it into overdrive trying to get our little home ready for 2012's guest of honor.

as i mentioned before, we started the party by fumigating while we were on our baby moon.

since then, we replaced the red roof with a grey shingle -i know a guy who got us a good deal :)- that makes the house look less 1930's and a tad more bungalow.

we drywalled the weird opening that was from the kitchen to the living room. this closed up the kitchen/living room entrance, and made it possible for us to give the little girl her very own room. we ordered interior french doors for the wider opening... and so far- it looks adorable.

we also planted sod in the backyard- so by the time i am able to drink wine again our backyard will be less of huntley's dig den and more of a family place.

we sold the couch of scotty's vengeance- the lounge couch that i purchased from crate and barrel one year ago- and got an L shaped couch for our new living room... the front entry :)

AND this week the house was painted!! i cant even stand it. the house we have wanted since buying our little project over a year ago is so close... we couldn't be happier.

other than that- I AM SO LAZY. the definition of sloth i am.

i am thankful to have a pretty large, healthy baby in my belly that COULD join us at any moment- but i would also be thankful for another week to get the home in tip top shape. i keep hearing about this sudden burst of insane energy one gets a few days prior to popping- well, i need it... so bring it on.

here are a few snippets of our progress in the little girlies room. ligit pics to come.
daddy and uncle adam painting the room for little one. (scotty picked out the color. he's a cute guy).

the only complete-ish corner of her room. LOVE the colors and the chevron.
i love this little mobile that she will be looking up at... its heaven.

she has a little shoe collection going. makes me so happy.

i feel so lucky to have this life. it is so good. and about to get better. holy moly.