April 7, 2011


it looks like we just might have the backyard done in time for summer!

so if we use our imagination...
picture this equation...





April 6, 2011

the ballots have been counted!

well... the votes (vote) have been counted and the decision has been made. it was a 2:1 victory. my blogger feedback of ONE was the deciding vote! (ha ha) thank you soulmate!

brown and beige: annie, elysia
blue and beige: scotty

woo hoo! brown and beige it is:

so on my lunchbreak i simply sewed the four ends- measured the fabric 8' x 3' and got some clip on grommets. i thinks it cute. cute enough. they cost me $35 people. they are fine.

quicky sort-of side note: clip on grommet hooks or whatever you want to call them are rad. i could hang a beach towel and they would look like curtains. i am getting more. clip on grommets for us all.

oh, and i had fabric leftover to make a quicky little pillow:


i want to have a wedding re-do so i can incorporate this. how flipping cute is this. milk and cookies? together? with a straw holding them together?

get in my mouth and onto my dining room table in a room surrounded by all of the people i love. do it now!
* i just saved this to my desktop but i will site where i got it from as soon as i stumble on it again*

April 5, 2011

diy curtains

so the fabric came! yay! i wasnt sure if the dark brown would be "too much" but i am leaning towards it. husband likes the blue better. i respect his opinion very much and want him to be happy in our home. but... i still think i know what is best. my four blog readers, what do you think? i want to make them tomorrow- using the tutorial found here....

(please excuse the pics- i literally just threw the fabric over the rod).
side by side view...?
im torn. i dont want to be obnoxious. but i am obnoxious...