December 7, 2010

New Years Eve

I cannot believe this year is almost over. It is sad and exciting. So much has happened this year...

Grayson turned two and became even more loveable and kind.
My friends Allie, Nicole, Kristen, Deanna, Megan AND Lianna got engaged (!!!).
I quit my job. Not the best thing to happen this year.
We got married. And we pulled off the weekend fucking flawlessly if you ask me.
We went to Greece. Best. Time. Ever.
We bought a little house.
We found and adopted a little puppy.
Annie is prego!

I am sure there were a million exciting things in between but those are some highlights. It has been a very very great year and I really do feel like the luckiest girl around.

This year the hubby and I will be hosting a New Years Eve party in our little shack. I think I miss my wedding a little because I am going bonkers with my theme: Black and Gold. Bitches.