April 15, 2011

backyard... day one & two

day one:
day two:

awwwww yeah:

April 12, 2011

shutter inspiration/sickness.

i am obsessed with the idea of turquoise trim/shutters/doors/something. the shutters come on friday and they gots to be painted before they get hung so i need to act fast.

now i just have to talk the husband in to it.

i think turquoise shutters are my destiny because this is where we were staying when we closed on our little house:

hello turquoise soulmate shutters. nice to meet you.
picture taken by me on our lovely and amazing honeymoon.

beer battered tacos. beer belly.

ever since we randomly went to this moroccan/mexican restaurant on a whim... i have been OBSESSED with their "make your own taco plate". obsessed. like "can we go there for the third time this week?" obsessed. and scott is obsessed with the margarita cart. so its a win win.

last night scotty attempted, and succeeded, at home made casablanca style make your own tacos. every detail was covered.
yummy beer battered cod. hand fried. yep:
it was even assembled the way they do it at casablanca:
note the white sauce- thats yogurt, mayo, dill, minced jalepeno and capers, and a bit of cayenne pepper. what a guy!
and just because summer time is almost here, i had only TWO tacos. not three.

April 11, 2011

living wall.

i am obsessed with the idea of living walls and i have been since my "planning for sustainability" courses in college.

after trying to find a semi-coherent DIY project for lamens, i stumbled upon woolly pockets, or more specifically wally pockets.

they are wall bags made from recycled plastic that can hold up to 20lbs in soil and plant. you simply arrange the plants (succulents in our case), hang the bags with dry wall screws, and then re- arrange the plants in the bag on the wall. could it be easier to get a vertical garden? no. i did the research and it could not.

they also have some fancy "tongue" that acts as a little irrigation system so the water doesnt gather at the bottom of the hanging bag. and the fact that they are made out of plastic makes them a lot more breathable... i am not a scientist... but all of this translates into: your plants will require very little water and it will be very hard to kill them. cheers.

i purchased two of the "wally three" pouches. i splurged on two day shipping because i am so excited.

we are simply going to hang them from the wooden fence in our backyard. it will add greenery and a sense of landscape to the backyard without taking up square footage. we will see!

sickness. shopping. sea world.

well, i was a little sick this weekend... but it was still too short.

being sick forced us to stay in and watch tv and a movie on friday ("how do you know?" waste of time) and go to bead early. i was in heaven.

saturday morning i woke up early and went to home goods. i was in heaven. then i sat on the couch bundled in a blanket with my dog and husband. i was in heaven.

sunday i woke up early and drove to sea world with my nephew, sister and momma. i was in HEAVEN. my family is the best. and grayson is the sweetest little feller and i couldnt love him more.
what a tourist!!!
did he kiss the glass while looking at the walrus? yes. he did.
good seats for shamu