April 21, 2011


we were just introduced to mitsuwa japanese marketplace. oh em gee.

first: it is a huge market with the oddest things. we picked out three different drinks based on the label and ended up with milk flavored soda. grapefruit pulp in water in a can. and iced tea with a picture of dirt on the label, which, ended up tasting like dirt. oddly enough.

second: the store "trendy" is basically one big engrish store. so funny. and they have talking toilets. what trendy shop doesnt?

third: the ramen shop has 72 varieties of ramen. heaven. i had #31, spicy ramen. it hurt my throat going down it was so spicey and so good.

scotty went a little nuts. here is what he ordered, and ate:

artful arrangements

we have a very white and very blank wall behind our couch. it kills me.

because i am no longer an artist, and i am not in a position to buy art, i am just going to create an art wall. not original, but a nice and inexpensive way to decorate with things that i love to look at.

here is the space... so depressing...

here is the inspiration:

easy enough...

April 20, 2011

front of the house.

my kind and beautiful and generous mother and father offered to get us an outdoor swing for the north (right) side of the front of our house. growing up, my grandparents had a porch swing and i have many great memories on it.

as you can see... it is lacking... well, something, everything. it is plain u-g-l-y.
but since our house is 15 feet wide i am thinking more of a porch chair swing.

here is my research thus far:

1. pier one- $269 + $169 for the stand:
2. two's company hanging rattan chair- $369

3. plastic rattan by vivah? $475

and now we are entering in to pipe dream territory:

4. urban balance outdoor hanging chair- $1499
5. hanging chair from opulent items- $if you have to ask you cant afford it:

but i really thing that at the end of my search, i like #1 and #2 best... thanks mom and dad! you are truly the greatest!

April 19, 2011

things that make me happy.

1. ice cream sandwiches (fine! i eat "skinny cows" but still...). & fat kids. so this is pretty much the greatest picture ever.
2. this:
or this, just the fact that this exists somewhere makes me happy (if that somewhere were my yard i would never leave):

3. i want to copy this. i am going to copy this WHEN i have a baby in my belly. so cute.

4. these:
5. the idea of painting this onto the distressed dresser that i dont have. having it would make me feel happy, and acconplished:

April 18, 2011

backyard- day three

we couldnt be more excited to enjoy the new backyard. today when i get home from work i will be able to enjoy the FIRE portion of the firepit.

just enough work was done last week to keep me busy...
was at home depot on saturday morning buying plants for my wally bags...

got some cute outdoor pillows for the bench i have yet to stain...
we have a teeny little cute grass area for huntley bear who loves it already:

and finished some curtains that look so lovely when the french doors are open and the wind is a blowin...
i cant wait for summer! happy pesach everyone!