July 27, 2010

Point 16

Our wedding venue was featured on tons of wedding blogs today! I am excited and mortified all at once. I want it to be a surprise for everyone... but I am also so glad that there is another Big Sur wedding out there in the blog world. It is fun to look at the pics and superimpose my wedding into them! Here's a few...
I guess we are pretty lucky...
All images via Steep Street

July 26, 2010

The Evans Fam

Um, so like 15 minutes ago I mentioned allowing people to help you, and asking for it, and how one family in particular is becoming my favorites. Well, here, for example.

I asked if I could please maybe have a piece of wood for the cake stand. You know, figuring I would be so stoked if they just let me have a tiny little round... And here is what they send me.

I STILL have to pick my mouth off of the floor when I look at it. Even my hubby got all giddy when he saw it. I LOVE WOOD (thats what she said).

Oh, and if you are wondering if they added little cake toppers so I could get a feel. Yes, they did. They are the best! Thank you John and Kathy and Amy and Annie and Chris! We really love you guys so much! You are making our day SO SO special!

More of their awesomeness can be seen at: http://www.ndctimber.com/

AND amy has created a fab little boutique: check it out! bon lemon!

yes, i know that i am the only one who reads this blog, but maybe one day that will not be the case, and i get pay it forward to them!


some advice that I could give... if I were asked... which I wasnt. But this is MY blog and I want to reflect on all of the things that I have learned over the last 17 months...

1. Love your man. Audra taught me this one. It is important to keep your man happy and your relationship strong. Dont make him feel second fiddle to the wedding. It is about the two of you and that is it. Love your man.

2. dont fight with your mother in law. it is just silly. you will be very embarrassed (both of you!) by your actions at the end of the day when you all love each other again. It's pointless.

3. A new found obsession for buffalo wings will not help you get into wedding shape. Neither will sitting around blogging when you should be at spin class.

4. Pick and choose your battles. About one in every 50 is worth even mentioning, even less worth fighting with your man over.

5. Dont talk about weddings all of the time. Its annoying to everyone but you. Your friends will be annoyed (especially the ones who are single), your fiance will be annoyed. Just shut the fuck up sometimes.

6. Know your audience. This one I learned from people not knowing theirs, and me not knowing mine... If you know someone spent a lot of money on their wedding gown, dont tell them how silly you think expensive dresses are (sorry soulmate), especially since eating your words is a tough meal. If you know someone is having 2 showers, and you think it is ridiculous, tell anyone ELSE. The bride does not want to hear about how you did not like her invitations, or that you think she has too many hostesses. Seriously.

7. Use the creative outlet to make you stronger. This wedding has sparked my love for all things lovely. Photography, painting, projects, jewelry, nature, WOOD, my gorgeous hubby! I am crafty, and full of good ideas an it feels SO SO good.

8. Ask for help. I have not done a lot of this, but I did ask my Olympia family for help with one project, and holy moly. It sure is turning out nicely for me. BUT- only ask artistic (or not even artistic, just remotely capable) people for help. Or else you end up with half assed jobs and hidden resentments and it is no bueno.

9. Plan a day that reflects you and your partner. Please other people along the way, but always keep number one in mind. It is a kick off to the rest of your lives! Woo Hoo!

Mazel Mazel

A lot has gone on in the last month or so... I have 3 very very wonderful friends who have gotten engaged in the last couple of weeks. AND we have one more coming very very soon :) We went in to escrow. We are getting married in one month. What else? Life is slow.

I am so so happy for my girls. I am elated to share the excitement of having friends who are engaged!! I am excited to watch their ideas turn in to realities and to hopefully be able to give good advice along the way. Either way, I am happy. AND I am obsessed with this stuff so it will give me an excuse to continue to talk about weddings long after ours is over...

I also cant wait to plan pretty little bridal showers for my pretty little brides. Inspirations below:
Image from oncewed.blogspot.com
image via erin
this one.

Mazel Mazel! Now hire me to plan your weddings! I dont want to go back to my crappy job!