March 4, 2011

work. is. rough.

every time i turn a corner i run in to one of these...

meet paika:
kirby (i am going to steal kirby):
and paul. doesnt he look like a paul?

and just one more of kirby:

omg. i am dying.

and then i have to come home to this terror (doesnt she look like a scary horse monster here?):


it is a fact: having something striped in my home would complete it.
the last picture makes me want to scream.
source (clockwise): west elm, decorpad, this blog, and yuppy heaven on earth, house of mann.

and annie sent me this rug, which is available in dark brown and ivory and maybe i would forgive scott for giving me a video game for my birthday if he bought it for me.

March 3, 2011

fatty mc fat fat

this is what is on the menu at my office for lunch today. dangeroussssss.
and i just ordered my ipad2. for zero dollars. i went with the white ipad with the orange case. whatevs. i guess my job has some perks.

March 2, 2011

the housekeeper who shits.

i will start by saying i do not care about my birthday. and i mean that.

but on monday, scott got me a video game for my birthday. a wii video game. for the wii that we havent played since, basically, the weekend after we bought the wii. it also happened to be a game i had played a few days ago, and didnt like. scott happened to love it when he played it a few days ago. hm.

so it wasnt the best present. for me. for him, it was a great present.

i didnt throw a fit (not a BIG fit at least). but i did say that it wasnt really an ideal birthday present and maybe next time he should just get me a card. i'm easy, i said. he was upset.

when i got home yesterday from work i realized that scotty had thought about what he had done and realized that maybe it was a little bit of a boo boo "present". maybe.

he had left me little hearts (that he cut out himself, cute) around the house in places that he knew i would find them. with sweet little messages on them.

what are places scott knew i would be frequenting you ask? well, the first one i found was in the bathroom on the toilet paper roll. the second one was found in the washing machine. the third, the dish washer, and so on... so i am the housekeeper who goes potty a lot? haha. but it was kind, and the guesture was not lost on me.

so i ran around the house this morning looking for more. i found one in the shower this morning. one in my makeup bag. and the greedy girl inside is hoping for more.

too funny mahn. too funny.

March 1, 2011


on friday when i caught a colleague staring at the little rash on my arm i thought nothing of it.

pic 1: saturday
pic 2: sunday
pics 3: monday. when i finally went to the doctor and was told that i have poison ivy. wtf. apparently last monday when i was painting the fence i had an allergic reaction to the ivy growing on the "living wall" on the north side of our property. seriously? i am 13 again?

so here it is yesterday. once it "boils over" it will start to heal. yes, i just puked in my mouth too.

February 28, 2011


my little nephew, grayson, aka the love of my life, says things that are amazing are AMAZE. examples of things that grayson thinks are amaze: planes, fences, dancing, art, and flowers. he is a genius.

example of what i find amaze: this picture that my uncle milton just sent me of he and my mommma. ah. maze. how beautiful are they? you should see them now. even better.

weekend passed/past.

its official. work gives me the sunday blues/monday morning jitters. even though i like my job... i like not having a countdown in my head starting sunday around noon.

this weekend was great, though. it felt like winter. on friday at least.
i got a good bang trim:
i made progress on the bathroom-
it was fun. the color turned out almost as cute as i expected. i got the picture frame shelves from ikea. and i have enough frames and knick knacks to keep the shelves busy and rotated for a long long time. now all i need to do is:

-finish the trim (not pictured) and the worlds most annoying thing.
-find a rug to tie everything together
-get a cute mirror for above the toilet. id love something driftwood like, or shells. even though the mirror above the sink is sea shells... so maybe not.
-hang the wooden blinds that i also purchased this weekend to cover the scary window.

baby steps towards the goal:

exterior- the fence is almost done being stained. it is weather permitting so it had to be put off this weekend. picked up these cute little lanterns for the front posts. i need to get bigger (heavier) candles and some more shells to add to the base for weight, and of course, beauty. next up- string of pearls collection.

look who learned how to make collages!

my iphone collage for february.

my iphone collage for february.

left to right from row to row:
1. because huntley is a big girl she only eats twice a day now. she is starving come dinner time
2. huntley now gives bear hugs. yes.
3. as of today, bathroom is much cuter than yesterday.
4. it snowed in burbank over the weekend. global warming is real.
5. i got a rad job. i have a rad desk and a new mac.
6. grayson likes to take pics. we will bond over this in the future.
7. he is also even more adorable than before. i didnt think this was possible.
8. scott is cute and still hates having a camera in his face.
9. i let our neighbor blow pot smoke in huntleys face and now she chases shadows. whoops.

im sure many other things happened this month. but i got pics of these 9.