May 27, 2010


i am going to frame these when i have a wall large enough to cover with frames. like this. one day.
images via Le Love (reading this website makes me feel 13 again. oh the turmoil and tradegy that is love...)
Ok, I have simmered down. I got my desired budget. I am back to being a sweety again.
I have been cooking. And I have also been really lovin my man lately. I always love him but I have been overwhelmed with my love for him lately. I consider myself lucky.

For my *first* bridal shower, I received many items to make my kitchen a more domestic place. So I figured I might as well enter the kitchen once in a while. Check out how nice and shiny my All-Clad dishes are...
Last Friday I made him dinner. I made Ina’s Endive, Pear, and Roquefort Salad and Salmon and Lentils.
It was very delicious. (thank you to my wonderful friend, Nikki, for coming to the rescue and teaching me some very serious life skills- like, read the whole recipe before starting, do not substitute ingredients, and tuck your fingers in while chopping with your Wusthof knives. Thanks momma! You da bomb.) We sat at the table (sadly, a rare occurrence), talked a lot, and drank lots of white wine that made us very lovey dovey. We were also in bed by 10:30pm, which is heaven…

So tomorrow night I will be a domestic goddess once again. I have put out the feelers for what my man would want… He always asks for things like stew, or briscuit, or split pea soup, or noodle coogle... all things that begin with "my mom's ________". All things that his mother happens to make immaculately and in turn make me an insecure little chef.
Also on the agenda for a very exciting weekend- we are going to purchase our ketubah! Woop woop! I am excited to pick out the most artsy fartsy and colorful ketubah the Judaica store has to offer. I am excited to tell all of my gentile friends what it is. I am excited to sign that shit with my man on the day of our wedding!

May 25, 2010

I am a little ticked off. I have tried to be a cool relaxed "Big Sur Bride" but I am not... I have asked five times for a certain budget from a certain vendor and I just feel like I am being very ignored. Big time. When you reply to a request with "Will do tonight" and it is already a month late... and then you do not "do tonight", what am I "to do"? Momma is going a little crazy.

I think I have been going a little crazy for the last three weeks. My future husband would agree, I am sure...

I have spent an insane amount of money in the last three weeks and I cannot stop. It is an actual problem with me that I cant seem to control. Wedding related or not, I do not need designer flags to stick in the marshmallows or these vintage inspired posters for our kitchen. I simply do not. Nope.

these rad posters are availble here.

May 24, 2010

96 days to go

... And I am for sure freaking out a little. Not about getting married to my favorite guy around, just EVERYTHING else. Our pictures. The band. The Food. The Parents. The flowers. The "fun factor". The "oh my god all of these little details that the bride worked on and put thought in to for a year are just the most incredible, cute, thoughtful little ideas" ideas. Basically just everything. On my to-do list- get some pics like this of us.

And feel as relaxed as these two lovebirds look...

Cutie Patootie Wedding via Once Wed

I also want our ceremony to be warm. Like this one, below. I am crossing my fingers that my yuppy family loosens up and lets us have a relaxed, loving day where their hatred for the outdoors, sunshine, and (gasp!) LAWN (!!!), can be put aside for four and a half hours.

I would loooooooooooooooooooove to get a moment like this with my new hubby! Pretty please Big Sur, Sunshine goddess, and McClure Pictures. Thank you. I want to make us a sign like this:
And I want hugs like this every day. Every second of every day. That looks like it feels good. Whataguy.

All of the above via the website that could get me fired if the IT department looked at how much time I spent on it.