March 17, 2010

Here We Go Again...

I am getting married! Woo freaking hoo! My future husband is the best! He is my best friend. He is my lover. He is my future. He tickles my back even when he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t judge me when I cry at commercials, and he makes me laugh multiple times a day. He also happens to be a great son, brother, friend, is super ambitious and kind, and is also absurdly hot! Oh yeah, I am one lucky gal!

We are gettin hitched in Big Sur (!!!!) this August. reminded me today that we are 164 days away! We got engaged last April on our rooftop in Venice. Since then, we have had a blast being engaged- celebrating, traveling, working, moving, learning, and planning. We have the site (ridiculous), the caterer (badass lady and delish), and ideas… so… now that it is 164 days out… GAME ON!

I will not lie, we have had a few shouting matches over this day- ones that always end in embarrassment and shame at how lost we got… I keep thinking about the last few months and how in synch we have been- giving us pats on the back for such loving behavior- and then I remember that we haven’t made a decision about the wedding in months...and I pull back on the reigns of applause. So now, as I mentioned, it is game time. No more sending him and my sister and my friends pics of pretty bouquets or funky invitations with subject lines “you likey?” It is decision making time!! Which also means it may be fight time. Unfortunately, it’s on!