March 2, 2011

the housekeeper who shits.

i will start by saying i do not care about my birthday. and i mean that.

but on monday, scott got me a video game for my birthday. a wii video game. for the wii that we havent played since, basically, the weekend after we bought the wii. it also happened to be a game i had played a few days ago, and didnt like. scott happened to love it when he played it a few days ago. hm.

so it wasnt the best present. for me. for him, it was a great present.

i didnt throw a fit (not a BIG fit at least). but i did say that it wasnt really an ideal birthday present and maybe next time he should just get me a card. i'm easy, i said. he was upset.

when i got home yesterday from work i realized that scotty had thought about what he had done and realized that maybe it was a little bit of a boo boo "present". maybe.

he had left me little hearts (that he cut out himself, cute) around the house in places that he knew i would find them. with sweet little messages on them.

what are places scott knew i would be frequenting you ask? well, the first one i found was in the bathroom on the toilet paper roll. the second one was found in the washing machine. the third, the dish washer, and so on... so i am the housekeeper who goes potty a lot? haha. but it was kind, and the guesture was not lost on me.

so i ran around the house this morning looking for more. i found one in the shower this morning. one in my makeup bag. and the greedy girl inside is hoping for more.

too funny mahn. too funny.

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