February 28, 2011

weekend passed/past.

its official. work gives me the sunday blues/monday morning jitters. even though i like my job... i like not having a countdown in my head starting sunday around noon.

this weekend was great, though. it felt like winter. on friday at least.
i got a good bang trim:
i made progress on the bathroom-
it was fun. the color turned out almost as cute as i expected. i got the picture frame shelves from ikea. and i have enough frames and knick knacks to keep the shelves busy and rotated for a long long time. now all i need to do is:

-finish the trim (not pictured) and the worlds most annoying thing.
-find a rug to tie everything together
-get a cute mirror for above the toilet. id love something driftwood like, or shells. even though the mirror above the sink is sea shells... so maybe not.
-hang the wooden blinds that i also purchased this weekend to cover the scary window.

baby steps towards the goal:

exterior- the fence is almost done being stained. it is weather permitting so it had to be put off this weekend. picked up these cute little lanterns for the front posts. i need to get bigger (heavier) candles and some more shells to add to the base for weight, and of course, beauty. next up- string of pearls collection.

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