September 28, 2011

i might have a problem.

this is what i did at work this morning... yes, i put together a "lookbook" of outfits for our baby. so what. and i might have bought all of these items on either gilt, hautelook, zulily, or mini social. girlfriend will be joining us pretty dang soon and she needs something to wear!

i am pleased to say that i (think i) am officially passed the shock portion of this pregnancy. it may have taken 6 months, but i have fully accepted the fact that a little girl is on the way. and now i am just BEYOND EXCITED! beyond!

im not sure if i really had given a ton of thought to boy vs. girl. i think i just thought boys were easier, and i love grayson so much, so i just figured... but now when i think about having a delicate, sweet, ladylike, considerate little baby girl i MELT.

and seeing boys screaming and jumping off of benches and pretending to play with swords and hit helps too. so so excited to meet this little girl i cant take it.

(and i am excited for more than dress up... i promise)


  1. ponchos are all the rave! post some pics of you from the side, I want to see how big she is in there! xoxo, court

  2. I love the last look, little harem pants...I die. I want to see you and I cannot wait to meet little bug:) Love you