November 15, 2011

8 months later...

so i am 8 months prego now. this is a CRAZY fact. for scotty and i at least.

here is why this scares me:
1. we are less than a 60 day countdown away. this is unsettling to me.
2. we have nothing set up for the little girl except for the high chair. the high chair has been ready to go for a month... and yes, we know that babies dont use highchairs until about 5 months of age. but thats all we have got. and we threw the crib together to use as a storage space but it would by no means be considered legal for a baby to rest in there.
3. courtney had baby duke at 36 weeks- so this really hits home that baby girl could join us in the next month.
4. we havent roofed or painted yet.
5. i havent exactly come to terms with the whole labor portion of this process. i am aware of it. but then again, not really at all...
6. we havent taken our baby classes yet. we both need those. it should be the law for us.
7. i need a wax. and another maternity massage. and a pedicure.

here is why i am so excited to meet her that i cant sleep at night:
1. she will soon be sleeping next to us :)
2. making the cutest little noises.
3. i will get to see scott with our little girl. just the thought of this makes me cry and smile.
4. we will be parents!?!?!?!? who is allowing this? i am beyond excited for this part of my life to begin. i think we will do just fine.
5. my restless leg syndrome will be gone

i feel like the excited list isnt really something i can put into list form... so i wont delete what i wrote above, but i am aware at how not good of a list it is.

in other baby news. because baby girl will be living in a corner of our room- decor has been kept to a major minimum... but here is what we (i) have decided we (i) want for her little space...

i made little pom poms for her... sorta like this, but not nearly as cute.
we have this rug in her room... and a similar little dresser with baskets for her goodies.

but unfortunately it looks like this (above) at the moment. a lil bit of work needs to be done before our little one has a room good enough for her. baby steps.

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