November 3, 2011

we are off...

we leave for our little getaway (i feel pretty silly calling it a babymoon) this afternoon. we booked massages, have looked at the local hot spots, and i contacted to concierge to help us find some 31 week pregnant friendly nature walks through the red rock... it should be amazing. in the 40's at night, vista views from our bed, quiet time with my quiet husband. life is good.

its weird to think that in one week i will be on the "do not fly" list.
its weird to think that in four weeks we are instructed to have our hospital bag packed and car seat installed.
its weird to think that this will be our last trip without a child. its our last trip as just elysia + scotty (even though i think we can both honestly say it has felt like more than just "elysia + scotty" for months now).
its weird that all future vacations will be planned around our children. the company we travel with, the places we choose to go, the time of year...

its also amazing. and i cant wait for her to be here with us.

but its also weird. haha.

on another note... a co worker and i were mario + luigi for halloween at work. it was amazing.

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