July 11, 2010


***Cue Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- this always makes me think of US***
I have never slept away from home. Seriously. I was an awkward child. I think that one of the many many great things about him that made me realize that he was the one for me was when he represented "home". As an awkward adult, I still don't like to have "sleepovers". My excuses went from being grounded and Mom not letting me sleep over to I really need to have my special contact solution and toothbrush. Wherever he is, is the only place that you can find contact solution and toothbrushes. Weird.

Anywho, we are buying a HOME. Our first home. A tiny little cottage that will be all ours. She was built in 1925 and has very old, but delightful, bones. We are excited for the project and to start our little family- party of TWO. And maybe a little doggy to keep us company.

But now, when I should be picking out what the guests at our wedding will be eating and re-working the ceremony with the Rabbi- I am looking at how to remove stucco and refinish porcelain claw foot tubs. Overload. Must stop thinking of our little house and start thinking about our HUGE wedding. Once again, Life is so good.

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