July 9, 2010

Dear Momma,

I love you. You are the bestest woman around. HOWEVER. My future husband is going to kill me if you show up at our house with another bag full of stuff.

Last week, it was a set of lime green appetizer plates for us. He relpied, "thank you so much, we needed those." laugh. sigh.

Last Tuesday, it was two pairs of shoes (thank you, very cute and comfy) and a sedar plate (it was on SALE!).

Yesterday it was this: Like ten bags of chips and coloring books and juice boxes and chocolatey goodness and bottled water (2) to see how they looked in the out-of towner bags. She is cute, duh. But she left the bags of chips and chocolate pretzels and mini juice boxes here and said, put them in storage, we will take them up for the wedding. I am thinking, right, I am going to lug 10 bags of lunch bag sized chips and juice boxes up to Big Sur in 50 (!!!) days. We ripped through a bag of Cheetos before dinner last night like it was nobody's business. Yummmmm.... I got my eye on the Puffs next.
It gets better. She brought in three lightweight bags. I asked, Momma, what are these?? Her reply: Oh, I emptied my shredder and thought the filling would be good for the base of the bags, so they are full.

In case I am not being clear, my mom brought over garbage bags full of plastic bags and paper shreddings to my house and wants me to hold on to the bags until the wedding. At that point she wants me to fill my trunk up with her shredded bills and documents. I love her. But at this point, it appears as if the garbage can may be full at my parents house.

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