July 15, 2010

More DIY

I dont know if I have mentioned this or not... but DIY is REALLY fun during the inception, REALLY fun the first two or so... and then pretty annoying when you have, say, 143 of the same thing to do, and do, and do...

Anywho, my beautiful Momma and I have begun work on the table runners. We only need 20- so this one should be a piece of cake. We went to JoAnn's and picked out a few different lacey fabrics, bought as many yards as they had of each. We then picked up some "sew and glue" (which is AMAZING), and have being "sewing" the 17.5" x 11' runners. They are so cute and are going to be such a nice little touch.
Here is a snippet of what they look like. Being held up by my gorgeous and very thoughtful Momma.

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