July 26, 2010

Mazel Mazel

A lot has gone on in the last month or so... I have 3 very very wonderful friends who have gotten engaged in the last couple of weeks. AND we have one more coming very very soon :) We went in to escrow. We are getting married in one month. What else? Life is slow.

I am so so happy for my girls. I am elated to share the excitement of having friends who are engaged!! I am excited to watch their ideas turn in to realities and to hopefully be able to give good advice along the way. Either way, I am happy. AND I am obsessed with this stuff so it will give me an excuse to continue to talk about weddings long after ours is over...

I also cant wait to plan pretty little bridal showers for my pretty little brides. Inspirations below:
Image from oncewed.blogspot.com
image via erin
this one.

Mazel Mazel! Now hire me to plan your weddings! I dont want to go back to my crappy job!

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