July 21, 2010

Weight, Bloat, Jiggle, etc...

So we are officially at 38 days until THE BIG ONE and I am still walking around self conscious in my bathing suit and feeling my sides jiggle when i move up the stairs. It is go time. I don't want to look back on pictures and wish I would have not eaten like shit for a year before the wedding. Well, I guess that is out of my hands, but at this point, I dont want to look back and wish I would have taken the 38 days (minus the three for the bachelorette party of course) seriously.We are also going to Greece and I want to look like a little newlywed hotty on our trip and I want to look back on pictures and feel OK. Better than OK. At this point, the only honeymoon clothes that are exciting me are cover ups. HA! (I have to mention that OF COURSE i want to look good on my wedding day, in my wedding dress, BUT they are so dang flattering I have nothing to really worry about- except for arms, and I have been working on those bad boys).

Anywho, I am off to day three in a row of spin and I am on day three of eating healthy-ER. Better than nothing.

Here is some of the things that are serving as my honeymoon inspiration...

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