July 26, 2010

The Evans Fam

Um, so like 15 minutes ago I mentioned allowing people to help you, and asking for it, and how one family in particular is becoming my favorites. Well, here, for example.

I asked if I could please maybe have a piece of wood for the cake stand. You know, figuring I would be so stoked if they just let me have a tiny little round... And here is what they send me.

I STILL have to pick my mouth off of the floor when I look at it. Even my hubby got all giddy when he saw it. I LOVE WOOD (thats what she said).

Oh, and if you are wondering if they added little cake toppers so I could get a feel. Yes, they did. They are the best! Thank you John and Kathy and Amy and Annie and Chris! We really love you guys so much! You are making our day SO SO special!

More of their awesomeness can be seen at: http://www.ndctimber.com/

AND amy has created a fab little boutique: check it out! bon lemon!

yes, i know that i am the only one who reads this blog, but maybe one day that will not be the case, and i get pay it forward to them!

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