April 5, 2010


I did not think about weddings much before planning this one. My sister had a very traditional wedding and I was living out of state and I college during her planning process- so I was not very involved. The summer I graduated from UW- my two besties from Oly got hitched. These two weddings changed my idea of what a wedding was. I had previously attended traditional Jewish weddings. Formal, indoors, lots of flowers, and steak or fish for dinner. My Oly girls both threw weddings that represented them- not other weddings. I am not looking to replicate their weddings, but they raised the bar for me. People are traveling very far to come to celebrate our love- I know this sounds a little greedy- but I want to blow their minds.

Instead of paying $6.95/piece to rent the chargers that serve no purpose but to be a placeholder for the plain white plates- I have commissioned a huge pain in the butt project. I happen to know a logger (o yeah!). One of my dearest friend’s Dad is a logger in the beautiful state of Washington. He and his wife are going to help me make wood chargers with a raw edge. He will find the tree- and then we will “slice” the tree in to 1” (hopefully not thicker than that) rounds. The “tree” will then be shipped to Cali- where I will sand them and wax them and brand them. All 200 (ish) of them. I can’t tell if this is a crazy idea or not. So now we need to come up with our “brand” and order a branding iron, and then brand the slices in our front yard? Yeah… this may be crazy…

I am thinking that this can also double as our “favors”. (I personally find the whole idea of a favor absolutely ridiculous. I am very appreciative that people are coming to our wedding, I am. But weddings also happen to be a great freaking time and I feel like having a Friday night dinner with cocktails and gift bags in the rooms and then a night of celebrating, dinner, drinking, and dancing followed by a brunch on Sunday is ENOUGH. If people also need a jar of honey or a bag of those almond things- they can save it). These slivers of wood will have some sort of branding on them would be great for a stepping stone in someone’s garden, or a cool thing to put on a shelf, or a great addition to any table top- put candles on it, a vase, whatevs… and for people who don’t want to schlep a sliver of wood back home with them, I will keep them ALL.

Anyways- this is what I want them to look like… And here is what we can do with the leftovers- walkway and a wood wall...
genius ideas via apartment therapy

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