January 14, 2012

riley sage

joined our little family january 4th at 6:12 am.
7 lbs 11 ounces.
20 inches.
now THIS is love.

on tuesday, january 3rd, my doctor ordered for me to be induced the following day at 6am.
well riley knew that her momma didnt especially care to be induced.
we went home from the doc, had a date at the library ale house, just scotty and i, and came home to prepare the house and ourselves for the induction the following morning.

well- the induction wasnt needed: little girl came on her own.

contractions began around 5pm tuesday evening. they were 2-3 minutes apart at 8pm. checked into the hospital at 9pm @ 5cm dialated. baby girl came 9 hours later.

#1- she is healthy healthy healthy. thank you god.
she is sweet. she makes silly noises. i cry when i look at her. her daddy has been so so so over the top good to she and i. seeing the man you love care for your child is the most beautiful and sexy thing on earth. i now know what people talk about when they talk about LOVE. this is love. the raw, real deal. i feel so lucky to know what it feels like.

here is a little bit of rileys first ten days on the planet.

happy / terrified poppa cutting her chord

first bath @ home

little one

such a lady already

i have yet to get a good pic of the two of us


our first walk... sortof a success... ha

life is still so sweet.

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  1. Love love love! I cannot believe you are a MOMMA! You are so beautiful and I love you