January 19, 2012

2 weeks.

our little love turned 2 weeks old yesterday.

my mom baby sat and scotty and i went to a 530 dinner reservation at gjelina. it was nice to get out of the house. and there is no one i would rather have watch riley than my momma.

what have i learned in two weeks little girl?

well... i have a new depth to my ability to love. i love you so much it makes me cry... i cry all of the time (good tears). you are currently strapped to my chest with the ergo- and i find my spare hand holding you even closer. i cant listen to pretty songs anymore. ones about love, family, or home are off limits... they make me too overwhelmed with love and i drown myself in tears. i can survive on no sleep (so far). i can sit and stare at you for the whole day. you change every day, maybe even every hour, and i dont want to miss a second with you. i love your daddy more than i thought i could. little riley, you have already made me better. a better wife, a better and more appreciative daughter, (and a more reclusive friend, but im sure that will pass), and you of course made me a momma. thanks little angel.

heres a bit of your second week with us:

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