March 21, 2011

new diy-ish projects.

1. our backyard. all we want is: curtains/drapy-ness, grass, concrete, firepit, long bench like table... is that too much to ask?

2. i want to make this shelf for... i dont know where, but i will find a spot.

3. scotty has tons of pallets stored in his wharehouse. he sells the pallets to some guys who pick them up for 50 cents a piece. since i basically own the company (ha, right), i will make the executive decision to NOT sell one pallet ( i feel comfortable taking charge on a 50 cent loss). and instead we will take one pallet home, stain it "whitewash", add wheels, and then sit and enjoy. seriously- how cute is this..?:
4. kitchen table. right now we have a round glass table. it is cute. but it prevents feasts. instead we will use this tutorial and make a table that looks like this:

or this:
or a mix in between. and then we can have more than one couple over for dinner. and all have room to use our hands when we talk. and be happy.

we are out of town this weekend. so we will see how long it takes for me to do even one of these projects.

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