March 15, 2011

my "blog-worthy" competitor:

its audra.

check out the birthday dinner she "designed" last sunday.

food- out of control.
company- eclectic as hell but lovely.
ambiance- too nice.
entertainment: seeing grown men dance on the kinect to lady gaga is one of the biggest joys.

aside from me screwing up the cake and being too out of my mind throwing a shower that i forgot to call my oldest and dearest friend on her birthday-
i think this was her best birthday to date.

one thing is a fact: it was her classiest. i love yuppy dinner parties.


  1. why is classiest italisized? are you implying that my previous birthdays were not classy? Thanks for the blog shout-out.. this totally makes up for you not calling. You are wonderful, and amazing, and a true original. I get my greatest ideas from you, but dont tell too many people. Love you always.

  2. yes. i was most definitely implying that your previous birthdays havent been the classiest with the italisization. hahaha. love you. i will make up for not calling at your baby shower and your 30th.