September 28, 2010

the year of weddings

is 2011.

i got 2010 all to myself. woo hoo! i am way too anal and competitive and anxious to have shared a wedding with a friend. is it ok that i admit that? eff it. i will also admit that i have used every ounce of energy to NOT brag about how fantabulous our wedding was- it is NOT easy to sit there and say "thank you, i am glad you thought it was beautiful too" instead of, "yeah, i am almost positive you will never go to another wedding quite like ours, have fun at country club weddings for the rest of your life (insert any name of attendees over 40 at our wedding)". but i dont. i am sweet, like an angel, so i nod and say thank you in a (fake) humble tone.

but in 2011, as of this second, we have 6 weddings. yay! and wowza. AND i am a bridesmaid. i hope i get to wear a cute dress, like one of these. or a big moo moo because i have a bean in belly :) shhhhhhhh...
from the staple, jcrew, of course

loveeee the two above. i might need one just because.

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