September 27, 2010

HOME- Day One

So- we officially have keys to our new home. It took the boys all of six hours to start demolition (even though they do not have any form of construction background (they would kill me if they knew I said that) whatsoever). Here is "progress" made DAY ONE. Yes, the image below is my future "living" room:

1:15 pm:

2 pm:
he is clearly a very proud, happy boy... And yes, I am well aware that the "before" or picture taken at 115 is not impressive- but you have no idea how unimpressive it was walking in to the 2pm home. Happy wife bringing Gatorade and snacks to the working boys, to get hit in the face with 30 year old urine soaked carpet and asbestos. I am almost positive it was asbestos.

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