April 12, 2010

To Do:

We are headed to Big Sur this weekend! Woo hoo! My goal for this weekend: Get Shit Done. in the past, we have gone up, made a decision, maybe two, and then we eat, drink, and play the rest of the time. I love to do those things, but this is a serious weekend.

Here is what needs to get done (I mean it this time!!):

1. Meet with Cheri (caterer and Point 16 master) and Kate (florist) to discuss preliminary budgets, design, feeling, etc.
2. Start to discuss menu with Cheri (!!!!)
3. Further discuss the chuppah (redwood branches and peach-ish flowers)
4. Get referrals for child care during the wedding (it does not get any more BS than this- but my mother is making me do it): When did it become a crime to watch your own kid? When my sister got married certain family members were livid that she was not having children at the wedding (certain family members DID NOT come to the wedding because they could not bring their nuggets). But now I am expected to hire a sitter to watch the kids that you insist on bringing… this is nuts. I will do it, but I am quietly judging said parents).
5. Hair and make-up: this one is annoying. I don’t mean to be high maintenance but it is going to be really annoying to find a make up girl who I can trust, to come down and make me and my girls look pretty. This is one of the times I wish we were getting married in LA so I could just run over to the MAC or Stila counter.
6. Cake- we haven’t even thought about this one
7. Caterer for Rehearsal Dinner- we are meeting with them Saturday at 1pm (yes, I planned it around lunchtime) to decide on the menu and preliminary rentals. Ugh. This has gotten so out of hand.
8. Take pics! Of the site! I have been there a few times- but it is always a blur. It has that effect on people.
9. Decide on the site for the morning after brunch. Barf. I hate that we have to have this- but we do, and we need to decide where it is going to be…

So, considering we have two days- I think we may be busy. Although, I am sure we will find time for cards, pinot grigio, and Nepenthe. We always seem to. I am realistically shooting for checking off 6 out of the 9 items on this list. That’s fair. Maybe 5. it depends how long the wait at Nepenthe is.
Image via us, the last time we were at Point 16... heaven.

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